Business Update News from 11/2021

Secure File Transfer Facility Service retirement postponed

November 24, 2021

In response to service user requests, ITS is postponing the Secure File Transfer Facility service ( retirement until February 2022 .


Graduate Student Funding project 

November 17, 2021

In 2022, Yale will transition to a new Graduate Student Funding (GSF) process, replacing the Graduate Student Payment System (GSPS) with Banner, Workday, and a new data warehouse and data mart. Graduate students, faculty, and staff that support graduate funding will be impacted by this change...

Update: Invoice Aging Calculation – Yale

November 17, 2021

The Invoice Aging calculation has been revised to calculate from the Invoice Received date instead of the Workday Create Date. This revision to the aging calculation will more accurately reflect the true age of a transaction and aid in meeting guidelines for sponsored agreements that require...

Holiday recess schedules and adjusted deadlines 2021

November 17, 2021

Yale University will be closed for the holiday recess from Thursday, December 23 through Friday, December 31, 2021. The following is a brief summary of systems availability, adjusted deadlines, and support services related to this period.

Payroll Schedule and Important...

Upcoming changes to the NetID activation and reset process

November 11, 2021

On Thursday, November 18, the Yale Information Security Office (ISO) will release an updated version of the NetID Management Tool.

Members of the Yale community will notice several changes to the NetID activation and password reset processes:

Instead of asking for security questions...

Microsoft Teams to allow external user communication

November 11, 2021
Summary: On Tuesday, November 30, 2021 , Microsoft Teams will be modified by ITS to allow external user communication. You will be able to call, chat, and set up meetings with people external to the University who use Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business and are also using open...

University Service Providers: Cancellation Fee Guidance

November 10, 2021

As of October 20, 2021, the University Service Provider (USP) Operating Committee issued guidance on the charging of cancellation fees and the requirements pertaining to those charges.


Updated report: Find Subawards – Yale

November 10, 2021

The Award Line From and To Dates have been added to the results of the Find Subawards – Yale report. This provides users with the period of performance associated with each subaward award line. The Supplier Contract Start and End dates are also provided on this report for informational purposes...

Research Enterprise Data Mart: NIH required updates to the Other Support Report

November 10, 2021
Summary Deployment and Training for the Other Support solution, in development to meet NIH regulatory guidelines effective on January 25, 2022, will go live on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. Third-Party Agreements Library, a SharePoint solution, will address the requirement to provide supporting...

Download the Teams mobile app

November 10, 2021

Download the Teams mobile app to communicate and collaborate on the go! This app offers all the functions of Teams with additional features to keep you readily connected and productive while on the move.


The Teams mobile app offers all the functions of the desktop version...

Possible action required: Secure File Transfer Facility service to retire on December 22

November 10, 2021

The Secure File Transfer Facility service ( is no longer supported by the vendor and will be retired at Yale as of Wednesday, December...

Policy & Procedure update as of November 10, 2021

November 10, 2021

The following draft documents are now available for review and comment and are posted on the Policies & Procedures Drafts Site . The documents will be posted on the drafts site for a period of 30 days...

Update: Cost Transfers Involving Sponsored Projects – Workday Enhancements

November 3, 2021

Workday enhancements have been made based on the guidance issued in February 12, 2020 edition of Business Update . Policy 1305 Cost Transfers...

Elect to receive your W-2 electronically

November 3, 2021

Take a moment to elect to receive your W-2 electronically if you did not already consent to do so last year. Beyond simplifying your personal tax filings, this method will ensure the following benefits:

Privacy & security : Fast and secure delivery, protecting your...

Possible follow-up action required for I-9 verification

November 3, 2021

Due to the pandemic, the United States Department of Homeland Security had permitted interim completion of I-9s remotely for individuals working remotely. However, the U.S. government now requires anyone who onboarded using remote verification to now complete the I-9 verification in person....

Non Labor Suspense Reports updated in Workday

October 27, 2021
Two reports, Non Labor Suspense Review – Yale and MFRC Non Labor Suspense Review – Yale, have been updated. Previously, the two reports did not exclude Payroll Forward Accruals and the associated Fringe Benefit Forward Accruals. With the update, payroll-related accrual journal sources are now...

Improved Supplier Request process in Workday

October 27, 2021

A new control point has been added to the Create Supplier process in Workday. Whenever a W9, W8BEN, or W88ENE is required, an error message will be displayed indicating that the necessary documents must be attached in order to submit the request.

An warning...

Successfully navigating Accounts Payable

October 27, 2021

Did you know that yss.invoices@yale....

Revised Financial Review Checklist (FRC): Reviewing Payroll Accounting Adjustments 

October 27, 2021

A new activity step has been added to the Financial Review Checklist ( Form 1101 FR.01 ), to address the need for reviewing Payroll Accounting Adjustments in progress to ensure they are processed...

Updated report: Invoice Aging in Progress – Yale

October 27, 2021
A Sub Award Invoice checkbox has been added to the Invoice Aging in Progress – Yale report in Workday to help filter the invoice results related to subawards. If the checkbox is selected, the report will only return invoices using a Subaward Expense SC217 spend category or for a supplier that is a...

New Finance course offerings: Introduction to the Chart of Accounts

October 20, 2021

Additional course offerings have been added for the instructor-led Finance course, Introduction to the Chart of Accounts (COA) . Please register for one of the upcoming Zoom sessions via the...

Announcing Microsoft's FY22 Enterprise Skills Initiative

October 20, 2021

Discover training opportunities aligned to your role and level of expertise within the ESI Learner Experience Portal (LxP) by participating in Microsoft’s Enterprise Skills Initiative (ESI). Courses include topics such as:

Getting Started with Microsoft Data Analytics Getting Started with...

New: Microsoft 365 support page

October 14, 2021

ITS has introduced a new Microsoft 365 support page to help you utilize the full capability of the Microsoft 365 tools and applications so you can work smarter and get more done...

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Do your part. Be cybersmart.

October 13, 2021

We all know that cybersecurity risk is increasing worldwide at a rapid pace. It poses a growing threat to the work we do across Yale. But did you know that your small steps can protect Yale’s big mission? By working together, we have the power to make a big difference in keeping Yale safe...

Reminder: VPN required on campus for Finance Data Model use with PBI Desktop

October 13, 2021

Individuals using Power BI Desktop are reminded that a virtual private network (VPN) connection is required when connecting to the (SSAS) Finance Data Model whether you are on-campus or off-campus. Please ensure that your VPN connection is recent before opening Power BI Desktop....

Workday update: Cancel journals in “Created” status after period close

October 6, 2021

Workday has provided an update which allows users to cancel journals that are in a “Created” status when the ledger period is closed. Previously, journals could not be canceled or edited to change the accounting date, so the journal was left in Created status for the period. While this did not...

Reporting: Personal use of university vehicles

October 6, 2021

There are yearly tax implications for Yale employees who utilize university vehicles for personal purposes. Yale University is required to report the value of the personal use of a university vehicle by an employee as additional taxable wages on the employee’s Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement...

Reminder: Annual electronic filing requirement for small, exempt student organizations 

October 6, 2021

Most small tax-exempt organizations whose annual gross receipts are normally $50,000 or less are required to submit Form 990-N electronically, also known as the e-Postcard. If they choose instead to file a complete Form 990 or Form 990-EZ, the e-Postcard is not necessary. For additional...

Financial Review Checklist (FRC): Revisions and FY22 certification deadlines

September 29, 2021

The Financial Review Checklist ( Form 1101 FR.01 ) has been reviewed and the following revisions and updates have been made:

The quarterly step, “Review Workday Roles,” has been revised to...