Inside Facilities News from 09/2021

Summer Projects—Residential College updos

September 21, 2021

Every five years or so, a few Yale residential colleges receive a refresh. It’s part of an overall university building maintenance plan. This summer’s rotation included Branford, Saybrook, and Trumbull Colleges. Maintenance included addressing roof, wall, or foundation leaks, repainting all...

The Locksmiths of Central Campus – Fixing locks and cracking safes

September 17, 2021

At last count, there were more than 50,000 doors on Yale’s central campus, and they all have locks. Many are keyed; some have card readers. If a lock breaks, malfunctions, or is tampered with, Yale’s locksmiths respond with patience, skill, and sometimes a bit of muscle.

Currently, the...

Teamwork behind-the-scenes and in every corner

September 16, 2021

Yale University’s three campuses and athletic complexes, comprising more than 520 buildings (owned or leased), literally cover a lot of ground. The majority of the approximately 21 million gross square feet (GSF) of Yale’s space is inventoried, including floors, rooms, offices,...

Returning to Yale - Green recommendations from the Office of Sustainability

September 9, 2021

The Yale Office of Sustainability put together the following green guidance on establishing and maintaining best practices as people start coming back to campus. In addition, they gathered some facts about what the COVID-19 Pandemic taught us about hybrid work, the environment, and well-being...