IT Update News from 01/2021

Workplace Survey Initiatives program update

January 21, 2021

The 2019 Workplace Survey provided the University with feedback on areas such as: commitment, communication, decision making, development, diversity, innovations,...

Resources for researchers on use of secure data sets

January 21, 2021

Yale researchers and community members working with sensitive data now have two options to meet their computational needs.

Spinup Data Enclave

Yale researchers and community members can now benefit from the Spinup Data Enclave, launched in late October. The platform, developed in...

Possible action required: Test applications before March 14 to prepare for CAS changes

January 21, 2021

**** Note: This article was updated on March 3, 2021, to reflect the specific date of the change; the date was not yet available at the time of the original publication.

Summary Central Authentication Service (CAS) will discontinue support for Transport Layer Security (...

High Performance Computing workshop: XSEDE: Big Data & Machine Learning

January 21, 2021

The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) is a National Science Foundation-funded virtual organization that integrates and coordinates the sharing of advanced digital services , including supercomputers and...

John answers a question about email limits

January 21, 2021

Yale’s Chief Information Officer, John Barden, addresses questions asked by the community through our Ask John survey feature. This week, John answers a question about email limits.

Can you remove or increase the small, single-message limit for Yale email?...

It's time for mid-year performance discussions

January 21, 2021

As a reminder, we have entered the development phase of ITS’s Performance Management cycle , which includes conducting a mid-year performance review. In addition, this year’s (FY21) rating and...

Skype for Business is being retired July 2021

January 20, 2021

Microsoft is retiring Skype for Business in July 2021. The University is moving to Microsoft Teams tools for chat and online calling.

All ITS managed machines are updated with Teams. If you are not using an ITS-managed computer, visit the ...

Java JRE software being removed from ITS Windows managed computers

January 13, 2021
Summary Starting January 26 through to February 22, Java JRE software will be silently removed from ITS Windows managed computers that do not require Java JRE for work or application functionality. There is no impact or disruption anticipated. Approximately 18,000 computers are in-scope for this...