The Menu News from 03/2019

Yale Hosts Top Chinese Chefs for Food Forward Forum

March 4, 2019

Top chefs and food industry leaders from China recently visited Yale and other Northeast universities to learn how to make their menus leaner and greener, in a two-week tour officially known as the Food Forward Forum....

How did Yale Hospitality become a lean, green leader?

March 4, 2019

Check out what Rafi Taherian and Adam Millman had to say about Yale’s hospitality operations on-campus practices and what our place is on the international stage as a leader-educator in the movement for healthy and sustainable dining....

Celebration of New England Dinner

March 4, 2019

Our Celebration of New England Dinner capped off the Food Forward Forum with great fanfare. A plant-forward menu designed and executed by Chef David Kuzma and his team, dazzled guests in the Gem Room of the Peabody Museum.

Did You Know?

March 4, 2019

Did you know that nearly half of all U.S. produce gets thrown away? The demand for ‘perfect’ fruit and vegetables means much is discarded, damaging the climate and leaving people hungry. The EPA has developed a food...

I Love Dining

March 4, 2019

“Why do I love Berkeley so much? I thought the reason was obvious” Sunny Miao ‘20.

The photos below were shared by Sunny Miao on Facebook and were taken at Berkeley College’s Lunar New Year Dinner.