The Menu News from 08/2019

Hospitality All-Hands

August 30, 2019

More than 200 Yale Hospitality employees gathered together at the Yale Art Gallery Auditorium on August 21, to learn more about growth across the University and Yale Hospitality. Executive Director, Schwarzman Center, Garth Ross shared his thoughts about the future of the Schwarzman Center,...

2019 Black Linen Awards

August 30, 2019

The Black Linen Awards are presented to those who have completed an act that embodied the spirit of above and beyond hospitality. This year, there were 10 nominees and 1 winner. The nominees were as follows: Jennifer Bennette, Edna Echevarria, Karl Evans, Clinton Gaye, Qizhou ‘Joe’ Gou, Crystal...

The World of Lentils

August 30, 2019

On August 14, Yale Hospitality Culinarians came together for an educational session on Lentils led by the Amber Johnson and Chef James Bickmore-Hutt from the Lentils Company of Saskatchewan, Canada.

The session provided the history of lentils, their numerous uses, and their nutritional...

The Torta

August 30, 2019

Christine Centola of the Culinary Support Center recently visited Oaxaca, Mexico. While there, she had an amazing culinary experience to which she refers to as ‘the best sandwich ever’. The ‘Torta’ as she called it was described as follows, “The role was fluffy, extremely light and airy, cheese...