Managers win sheet cakes to celebrate staff members

The November issue of Managers’ Essentials asked managers how they recognize their staff members for being great—day in and day out. Three managers were randomly selected and were then treated to sheet cakes prepared by Yale Hospitality for a staff celebration of their choice. Read how these managers show their appreciation:

Robert Cervone, security supervisor, Security Guard Operations

Recognition moments: Yale anniversaries, exemplary service, going above and beyond, innovation, leadership, teamwork, birthdays
How it works: I recognize my team (C Squad University Security) for exemplary service by recalling their performance in a detailed account of what their specific actions were at daily roll call. Recognition emails are also sent to the director in order that the performance is recognized department-wide. To thank my team for continued exemplary performance throughout the month, a “Shift Appreciation” luncheon is held consistently on the second Tuesday of each month. During this luncheon, key milestones such as birthdays and anniversary dates are also celebrated.

Joel Ball, associate administrator, School of Medicine, Clinical Cashiering

Recognition moments: Yale anniversaries, birthdays
How it works: For birthdays, we have a birthday club: the member of the staff chooses bagels, or muffins, or we have a birthday cake. For service recognition, it depends on the length of service. In FY19 we had five members of my staff that were celebrated, including myself. The service ranged from 5 to 50 years.  We celebrated with breakfast or a cake, to a pizza party, to a party that invited the whole Yale Medicine organization with refreshments and trivia questions spanning the last 50 years at Yale and news current events.

Lacey D’Amato, assistant director, School of Management, Faculty Support Services

Recognition moments: Exemplary service, going above and beyond, teamwork
How it works: A meeting is planned around food or treats and is usually held quarterly. As manager, I will kick off the meeting with thanks for their hard work and dedication.