Workers’ Compensation

Reporting an Injury?

Employee injury information should be submitted electronically using the online Employee First Report of Injury form. Once reported, it is automatically submitted directly to FutureComp, Yale’s Workers’ Compensation claims processor. FutureComp will then contact both the injured employee and the employee who reported the injury. For more information on how to report an injury, please see below.
* For reporting property, auto & liability  (including visitors and students) claims please visit the Risk Management Webpage

Claim Reporting

When a work-related accident occurs, the employee should immediately notify his or her supervisor. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to obtain details of the injury from the employee and to complete the Employee First Report of Injury form.

To submit the report, the requested information must be filled out completely. When the online form is submitted, it will go directly to FutureComp for claims processing.

Medical Treatment

Yale has a Managed Care Plan for workers’ compensation claims that has been approved by the Chairman of the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Failure to obtain treatment from a physician in the plan may result in denial of the claim.

Initial Treatment Location (during working hours)

Yale Health
Contacting the Employee Health Department at 203-432-7978 to schedule an appointment is preferable but if you need immediate attention, please go directly there for treatment.

Emergencies (during off hours)
Employees may be treated at Yale Health Acute Care or at the emergency room of Yale New Haven Hospital, but any follow up care should be provided by a physician in the managed care network.

Other Information

Employees can find additional information on the workers’ compensation process in the following guide:

To obtain additional copies of the guide, departments may call 203-432-9830.

Forms/Documents and Other Links

Definitions of Modified Duty Restrictions

Contact Information

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Brian Swan
Worker’s Compensation manager
General Information; Allocations & Account Reconciliation; Reimbursements
Employee Service Center
General inquiries including online submission of Employee First Report of Injury Form
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