National Arbor Day

National Arbor Day.

When it comes to celebrating National Arbor Day, there’s something for everyone. Check out a few of the ideas below and be sure to give your favorite tree a hug!

Tree Planters and Huggers

  • View the tree planting photo gallery highlighting Yale Alumni, staff, and their loved ones.
  • The Yale community helps plant trees to recognize Yale staff celebrating milestone anniversaries on or around May 7, for Yale Alumni Day of Service.

Trail Blazers

Zen Masters

  • Ever wonder why you might feel so “chill” after a walk in the woods? Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix, unpacks the science behind nature’s positive effects on the brain. For the highlights, listen to her TED talk, Making Spaces of Awe and Restoration. For more detail, watch her talk at the Yale Center for Business and the Environment.
  • Experience those positive effects for yourself. Start your day with a free early-morning walking and standing meditation practice amongst the trees and flowers at Marsh Botanical Gardens with Danielle Casioppo. Register.

Lifelong Learners

Storytellers and Family-Fun Makers

  • Is there soft spot in your heart for a special tree perhaps from your childhood or one that’s in your yard or neighborhood? Staff, faculty, students, and alumni were invited to post a brief story about a tree with deep meaning to them in their life. Read their stories.
  • Looking for a little family fun? Find a forest or park near you and create a digital family storybook to capture your memories. It’s quick, easy, and fun!

Managers and Engagement Teams

  • Break out the fun at your next staff meeting with a few rounds of Tree Trivia! This plug-and-play virtual game is ready for you to use on Kahoot! Sign-up for a time slot to “check out” the resource. Instructions for hosting and participating will be provided when you sign-up. Consider giving out a few tree-themed prizes such as a tree-painting class or the illustrated version of The Hidden Life of Trees.
  • Download the new collection of Chat Stickers and share the new “Rootin’ for ya” sticker to cheer on your colleagues.