Staff Members Tell How They Rest And Refresh

Name Email Department Tell us what brings you rest
Beth Kingsley OSP Travel brings me rest and rejuvenates me. I get fresh perspectives and a chance to broaden my view, all of which help me think outside of the box upon my return to work. 
Kalisha Fitzpatrick Human Resources - Staffing  Walking, running, and spending time with loved ones
Julienne Hadley Internal Communications I feel most rested after a quiet afternoon in the garden or after scheduling “me time” for a mani/pedi or massage. However, I also enjoy taking day trips with my family and making new memories together.
Donna Cropley Develoment My yearly oceanfront lodging trip to Outer Banks, NC a long walk on the beach does the soul well!
Carrie Human Research Protection Program When I’m on vacation on Cape Cod, I’m the most rested. I love being on the beach, listening to the waves, smelling the salt air, feeling the sand on my feet and just being present. It makes my heart happy.
Preston Mock Psychiatry Rest begins with having a supportive and empathetic supervisor who sets up the entire department for success by cross-training, which affords you the opportunity to truly unplug while away from your desk. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb, and enjoy the beauty that a New England summer provides.
Susan Abramson WorkLife  I like to go to a park (my favorite is Sleeping Gian) or a beach (any beach) with a chair and a book or magazine and just unwind.
Wendy Folsom Pathology Spending time with loved ones
Dismayra Martinez YCCI; Department of Quality Assurance & Monitoring

Take a day completely for myself: kids are at camp, hubby is working, no errands, no grocery shopping, no laundry, no cooking and no cleaning. I’ll have breakfast on the deck, go for a walk around the neighborhood, watch a movie on Netflix, lunch from my favorite take out, enjoy the pool for a bit and then take a little power nap before everyone comes home. And oh yes!, that day we just heat up yesterday’s leftovers for dinner. :)

Annette Komlo CTO Spending time with my horse
Adeline Glidden Controller’s Office Without fail, the thing that brings me rest and peace of mind is a walk outside. Whether it is in the woods, in my neighborhood or my favorite place, the beach, I know that when I come back inside, I’ll feel restored and energized.
Kena A McDermott YCMI I focus  simple things like spending time with loved ones and spending time in nature
Christine Bailey Yale CORE (Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation) Lake Placid NY is my relaxation/happy place. The landscape is both breathtaking and rejuvenating, with soaring mountains, dense forests, waterfalls and lakes. I like to wake up early in the morning and sit on the edge of Mirror Lake with a cup of coffee and just soak in the quiet beauty of nature.
Ajoke Ogunleye YCC Regulatory Affairs I love spending time in nature (hiking, swimming), at the beach and at barbeques with friends and family. Spending time in prayer and reading the Bible refreshes me.
Susan Riggs Human Resources For the last 20 years, I have gone to Maine with my parents and siblings and our families. We share houses and spend time in the cold water, eating lobsters, kayaking and watching the sunsets.  The quality time with my family in a place that I love is the best refresh!
Neha Agrawal Information Technology Services Gardening, growing vegetables and plants and swimming in warm lakes
Stephanie Brown Jackson School of Global Affairs, Office of the Dean What brings me rest is not actually rest at all, but making and taking the time to do the things that bring my soul joy. This includes copious hours of dancing - either with my hula hoops or simple ecstatic movement; reading, writing, listening to music, or creating things with my hands (jewelry, painting, epoxy resin crafts).
A timeless favorite, there’s nothing like sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand, watching the sun or moon sparkle on the water.
Lately, though, spending quality time with my parents is at the top of my list.
Barbara Ambrocio Yale Neurology Any active sport with family and friends, but volleyball comes to the very top, followed by kayaking, swimming, and hiking. Getting away from the streets of a loud city into the quiet of nature.
Maria Facilities Operations Sleep brings me rest :)
Anonymous     I do gardening in summer, quilting in winter. While traveling is a lot of work, it is a respite from my usual routines and feeds my curiosity about the rest of the world. It could be a day trip or a plane trip.