2022 Award Recipients

Lorimer Awards honor Yale staff members for distinguished service

November 11, 2022

Thirty-five Yale colleagues have been honored with the Linda K. Lorimer Award for Distinguished Service. The awards were presented by President Peter Salovey and Linda K. Lorimer, former vice president for global and strategic initiatives at Yale and former Yale trustee, in a ceremony on November 10.

Now in its ninth year, this award recognizes staff members who exemplify Yale’s spirit of leadership, innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

The honorees represent 12 key initiatives from across the university. Their work has forged new connections, bridged gaps, created opportunities, and enhanced wellbeing both on campus and in the local community. In many cases, they’ve impacted the broader world as well, through public health communications, alumni engagement, and research initiatives. While each honoree’s contributions were unique, they all demonstrate a shared commitment to advancing Yale’s mission.

Learn more about the Linda K. Lorimer Award, including award eligibility, the nomination process, criteria, and past winners.

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2022 Award Recipients

At Yale College: Mira Debs

Mira has promoted the successful expansion of the Education Studies Program, adeptly building partnerships across campus, and securing significant financial support for the program. Thanks to Mira’s exceptional work, student participation in the program has quadrupled in size.

At the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning: Karin Gosselink

Through outstanding leadership, collaboration, and commitment, Karin developed the Poorvu Center’s Academic Strategies program. Delivering transformative results, the program has equipped and empowered students, including first-generation low-income students, for scholastic success.

At the School of Medicine: N’Kenge K. Haines

Through skillful collaboration and consensus building, N’Kenge brought innovative structural and educational changes to the Yale School of Medicine’s financial aid program. Her work has expanded access to educational opportunities and significantly improved student wellbeing.

At the School of Medicine: Marya Shanabrough

With perseverance and an innovative approach, Marya was instrumental in launching the Yale Center for Molecular and System Metabolism at Comparative Medicine. Her focus on excellence and her dedication to creating an inclusive work environment has made her a role model for others.

At the Law School: Kiran Tahir

While working at the university’s Office of Development, Kiran designed an innovative, inclusive development program that focuses on creating meaningful connections with historically underrepresented Yale College alumni, encouraging them to engage, participate, and invest in Yale.

At the School of Medicine: Terry Bohonnon, Rodolfo Lopez Jr., and Angel Ojeda

This team fostered positive relationships and promoted a safe space for New Haven community members seeking Community Health Care van services. Throughout the pandemic and beyond, they have unfailingly offered a caring and trusted environment for those in need of addiction services and medical treatment.

At Information Technology Services, the School of Medicine, and the School of Public Health: Katy Araujo, Kraig Eisenman, Brian Funaro, Mary Geda, Dana Limone, Janet Miceli, and Jesse Reynolds

This team skillfully introduced the REDCap tool to Yale. REDCap is an open-source research data collection tool that provides university investigators with optimal services. Over the years, their ingenuity, combined with a commitment to excellence, has led to software and system improvements that enhance data quality and project efficiency for Yale investigators at 39 schools and departments, involving more than 1,300 research projects conducted in 91 countries worldwide.

At the School of Medicine, Office of Facilities, and West Campus Administration: Kelly Anastasio, Meghan Dahlmeyer, John-Paulo Fernandes, and Michael Galbicsek

In the midst of the pandemic, this intrepid team transformed urgently needed space to safely conduct COVID-19 treatment studies. Their quick thinking and ingenuity were key in moving this crucial research forward.

At Public Safety: Richard Simons and Heidi the Public Safety Service Dog

Officer Rich Simons has been the driving force behind the creation of Yale’s service dog program. He and Heidi, Yale’s Public Safety Service Dog, are a familiar and much-loved presence on campus and at numerous events. Their unique ability to support and connect with others, especially in moments of crisis and need, has unified the community and inspired countless smiles.

At the Office of Public Affairs and Communications and the School of Public Health: Michael Greenwood, Fred Mamoun, and Colin Poitras

Prolifically communicating the School of Public Health’s research and mission, this team translated complex scientific findings into easily understandable and impactful stories. Their collective work has helped transform communications within the school and in the field of public health.

At the Yale Alumni Association: Anthony Hannon, Rhoda Lea, Sharon Small, Lauren Summers, and Jessica Woodward

When the pandemic grounded the Yale Educational Travel program, this team launched the Yale Alumni Academy to ensure alumni engagement. This vibrant, multi-media program facilitates lifelong connections among alumni with faculty members, research, and scholarship at the university.

At Yale Hospitality, Human Resources, Local 35, and the School of Medicine: James Benson, Christine Centola, Carmen Piza, Robert Sullivan, Tyisha Walker-Myers, and Agatha Williams

Through collaboration and interest-based engagement, this team created the Culinary Apprenticeship and Management-in-Training programs. Their collective efforts have opened job pathways for current employees and the local community.