Outstanding staff receive Linda Lorimer Awards for Distinguished Service

On Nov. 13, President Salovey and Linda K. Lorimer presented 30 Yale staff members representing 10 key initiatives with the Linda Lorimer Award for staff excellence and distinguished service to the university.
Innovation, leadership, teamwork, commitment, and exemplary service are the hallmarks of the honorees’ contributions exemplifying their commitment to excellence.
A list of the award winners and their citations follow:



At the School of Nursing: Tracy Chidsey

Going above and beyond her primary responsibilities, Tracy helped orchestrate inter-professional curricula for what has become Yale’s largest healthcare professional course.


At Yale Hospitality: Crystal Coleman

Demonstrating exceptional service and dedication to her culinary craft, Crystal went above and beyond to ensure the health and well-being of a Yale student.

At the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library: Meredith Miller

Meredith proposed and created a program that brought beautiful and intellectually stimulating works to the public space at Yale Health to add vibrancy and promote inclusiveness.

At the Yale University Library: Judith Ann Schiff

Judy’s extraordinary commitment to discovering and sharing Yale’s history has engendered a deeper sense of community, advanced diversity, and disseminated knowledge of the university.


At the Yale Cancer Center: Kathleen Uscinski

Kathleen expanded and accelerated the access and availability to Yale’s clinical trials to every person diagnosed with cancer in the state of Connecticut.



At the Office of the Secretary and Yale Hospitality: Heather Calabrese, Ryan Croteau, and Daniel Flynn

In support of the university’s sustainability goals, this team designed and built “hydration stations” for Commencement that drastically reduced waste and costs associated with plastic water bottle usage.

At Information Technology: Sarah Lynch, Kim Miller, Christine Mongillo, Michelle Morgan, and Michael Vaughn

This team led the effort to improve the accessibility to Yale’s websites and web applications for the broadest range of users. They broke down barriers for those with disabilities and promoted better understanding and communication for all.

At the Department of Sociology and the School of Medicine: Samy Galvez, Wyatt Israel, Mark McKnight, Petergaye Murray, Rennie Negron, and Liza Nicoll

In the face of enormous challenges, this team conducted a large-scale randomized control trial in Honduras to deliver health education aimed at reducing infant and maternal mortality. Their efforts established a model trial that now serves as a best-practice template for researchers around the world.

At the Office of the Provost: Lani Danilowitz, Aley Menon, and Anita Sharif-Hyder

With an optimistic spirit, extraordinary dedication to fair process, and the utmost discretion, the UWC team helped foster a climate of safety and respect for Yale’s students, faculty, and staff.

At Yale College: Samuel Cohen, Jane Edwards, Burgie Howard, Camille Lizarribar, Kelly McLaughlin, Daniel Smith, Scott Wallace-Juedes, and Rebekah Westphal

This team launched Yale Safety Net, a financial literacy website, to help undergraduate students manage their money and allow Yale College to nimbly respond when students ask for help meeting unexpected financial needs.

Visit the President’s website to learn about award eligibility, the nomination process, criteria, and past winners.

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