Staff Appreciation Day

Message From President Salovey

Dear Colleagues,

I know how hard you have worked over the past year to sustain Yale’s mission of education, research, scholarship, practice, and preservation, while doing your part to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak. I will always remember what we were able to achieve together.

With warm regards,
Peter Salovey, President
Chris Argyris, Professor of Psychology

Locations to Redeem Voucher For Coffee and Sweet Treat

Staff Appreciation Day wouldn’t be complete without a tasty treat! Whether you are already on campus or returning to campus in the near future, please be on the look-out for a token of appreciation to arrive at your workplace that includes a voucher for a coffee and a sweet treat.

Redeem this voucher at:

Messages From Managers

Managers throughout the University share their heartfelt messages to Yale staff members in a giant thank-you card. Have a look! (We recommend paging through as a slideshow and setting the viewing speed to “fast.”)