Brilliant Ycard.

Send a Card

Make a colleague’s day by saying “Happy Birthday,” “Congrats,” “Thank You,” and more. It just takes a moment to select a beautiful Yale image and write a quick note. Your note will immediately be sent to the recipient via email. Use the address book feature to quickly find a staff member’s email address. You can also send Ycards to faculty, students, alumni, and those outside of Yale by simply typing in their email address. Images and sentiments are freshened up several times a year so check back often!

How to send a Ycard

  1. Navigate, and log in, to Ycards a.k.a. the Yale Greeting Card system. If it’s your first time, join as a NotesPlus member, to access all of the system features.
  2. To send a card, click on an image to select your greeting.
  3. When the editor opens, type in the recipient’s first name.
  4. Search the list to select the recipient’s email address.*
  5. Type your message in the editor box.
  6. As appropriate, click the check box to copy the manager.
  7. Click the calendar if you would like to schedule your card to send at a later date.
  8. Click the “Send” button. The system will let you know that you were successful in sending the card. (At any time, you can select the “Notebook” button to keep track of the cards that you’ve sent, received, and archived.)
  9. The recipient receives the card via email and has the option of sending a reply card.
  10. They can also view the card in their online notebook if they are a NotesPlus member.

*If you don’t see the person’s name, click on the small envelope above the name search field then manually enter the recipient’s email address.

Benefits of Becoming a NotesPlus Member

  • Save steps when sending recognition—your name and email are automatically entered and there’s no need to answer a “captcha.”
  • Schedule a deliver date for your note so that it’s received at just the right time.
  • Set your weekly recognition goal in your Member Profile. The system will let you know when you meet your goal or send you a reminder.
  • Organize and access your received and sent notes right from the website.
  • Receive a weekly email of the recognition you received, sent, and your recognition goal progress.