Contact Us

Contact a Union Steward

To contact a union steward or organizer, please visit the Labor Unions at Yale University page.

Contact a University Labor Relations Representative

For help related to labor agreements and contract interpretation, please contact the following management representatives.

Katharine Robinson, Senior Labor Relations Representative, 203-436-8828,

UNITE HERE Local 34, Central Campus
Alexandra Gross, Senior Labor Relations Representative, 203-432-9823,

UNITE HERE Local 34, School of Medicine and Cedarhurst
Dawud Amin, Senior Labor Relations Representative, 203-436-5027,

UNITE HERE Local 35, Yale Police Benevolent Association (YPBA), and Yale University Security Officers Association (YUSOA)
Cory Garfman, Senior Labor Relations Representative, 203-436-8828,

Contact the Best Practices Team

Toby Bates, Associate. Director, 203-436-8584,
Brian Wingate, Facilitator, Local 35, 203-436-8585,
Lorraine Skibitcky, Facilitator, Local 34, 203-436-8594,
Pamela Cox, Training Talent Acquisition Coordinator, 203-432-7357,

Contact Our Administration

Jane Savage, Associate Vice President for Union-Management and Strategic Initiatives

Joe Sarno, Senior Director, Labor Relations

David Kelly, Associate Director, UNITE HERE Local 35, YPBA, and YUSOA

Darlene Thomson, Associate Director, UNITE HERE Local 34 and Cedarhurst

Ariane Trexler, Labor Relations Talent Acquisition Coordinator
221 Whitney Avenue, 6th Floor | New Haven, Connecticut

Pamela Cox, Best Practices Talent Acquisition Coordinator
221 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Floor | New Haven, Connecticut