Income and Employment Verifications

Yale University contracts with The Work Number® for income and employment verification services for its current and former employees. In order to facilitate that service, Yale provides personal identifying information of its current and former employees to The Work Number®, which utilizes that information only for those purposes.

If you are a VERIFIER and need to obtain a verification of income or employment for a Yale University employee please utilize The Work Number® for your verification needs.

The verifier information for The Work Number is as follows: or 800-367-5690

Yale University Employer Code: 18237

  • If you are a VERIFIER and have any questions or issues with The Work Number website, contact The Work Number at 800-367-2884 Monday – Friday 8am – 9 pm EST.
  • TTY for hearing impaired, call 800-424-0253.

If you are an EMPLOYEE and your verifier has requested you provide a SALARY KEY please log into The Work Number Site for Yale Employees and follow the on screen instructions to obtain a Salary Key.

  • If you are an EMPLOYEE and have any questions or issues logging into The Work Number or obtaining the Salary Key, please contact The Yale Employee Service Center at 203-432-5552 or Monday – Friday 8:30 am-5 pm