FlexPlace Work Arrangements

FlexPlace work arrangements identify the location where work is performed. The general guidance presented below is intended to support all Yale employees, including managers of staff, to work effectively in their various work assignments.

FlexPlace Work Categories

Based on the varying responsibilities and operational needs of units and departments throughout the university, the university envisions staff FlexPlace location arrangements to fall into four general categories:

  • Fully on-campus: These positions require a physical presence on campus to perform their work. Clinical affairs, hospitality, security and police, and maintenance positions are some examples of this category of work.
  • Hybrid (steady schedule): These positions maintain a consistent balance of on-campus and remote work throughout the year.
  • Hybrid (tailored/seasonal): These positions have schedules that fluctuate based on the nature of their work and the time of the year. Examples may include positions with student-facing roles.
  • Largely remote: These positions only work on campus occasionally and require approval in advance based on unique aspects of the work. These positions may be “assigned” largely remote or may be largely remote on a “voluntary” basis.

Based on the operational needs of the department, FlexPlace work arrangements are guided by Yale policies and procedures for managerial, professional, and excluded staff members.



Remote work arrangements are unavailable for Service & Maintenance staff (represented by Local 35), Yale Police officers (represented by YPBA), Security staff (represented by YUSOA), and Cedarhurst teachers (represented by Cedarhurst Professional Staff Chapter) as their job function is campus-based.

  • Assigned largely remote work: The terms for Clerical & Technical staff represented by UNITE-HERE Local 34 have been negotiated and are covered in Section A of the Local 34 side letter on remote work. 
  • Voluntary largely remote and voluntary hybrid work: These terms for Clerical & Technical bargaining unit staff represented by UNITE-HERE Local 34, have been negotiated.
  • Labor Agreements at Yale

Commonly asked questions about the types of FlexPlace work arrangements and how they are managed are presented below.

FlexPlace Frequently Asked Questions