Navigating work arrangements in ways that provide opportunity and motivation for staff to flourish—and advance Yale’s mission—can be challenging. Please refer to resources below for additional guidance.


Self-directed learning 

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LinkedIn Learning Managing remote or hybrid teams Effectiveness in a remote or hybrid environment

Making Hybrid Teams Work
(2022; 1 hr. 8 m.)

Leading Remote Projects and Virtual Teams
(Jul 2020; 29m)

Leading Virtual Meetings
(Feb 2020; 32 m)

Leading at a Distance
(April 2019; 36 m)

How to Stand Out Remotely
(June 2021; 45 m)

Staying Organized While Working Remotely or On-Site (Feb 2021; 33 m)

Time Management: Working from Home
(2022; 1 hr 17 m)

Zoom Essentials Training
(Dec 2021; 1.5 hr)

  For Managers  

How to lead a remote team 
(Coaching for Leaders; 38m)

How to balance care and accountability when leading virtually (Coaching for Leaders; 38m)

Resources FlexPlace resources for managers and supervisors


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