Yale Staff Member Retirements

Name Department
Schymon Griffin Yale Hospitality
Name Department
Diane Brownell Yale University Art Gallery
Lauren Commune Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Stephen Cretella Physical Plant
Maria Dino Law School
Michael Goulet Yale Health, Diagnostic Imaging
Joseph Hamilton Yale Hospitality
Katherine Haskins Development
William Kraszewski Campus Police
Carol MacLeman Field Business Operations
Suzanne Macy Yale Health, Specialty Services
Janice Muirhead School of Drama
Terence Pollack Campus Police
Elizabeth Porter Internal Medicine, General Medicine
Rosemary Serra Child Study Center
Ann Sousa Cardiology
Marie Talamo Development
Wayne Vere Yale Art Gallery
Arlene Wright Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Name Department
Susan Abramson WorkLife and Child Care
Elizabeth Anderson Human Resources Information Systems
Nicholas Appleby Yale Printing and Publishing Services
Deborah Armitage Finance and Business Operations, Controller’s Office
Douglas Bebbington Finance and Business Operations, Auditing
Patience Benassi Bio Neuroscience
Timothy Bertaccini Finance and Business Operations, Field Business Operations
Robert Bienstock General Counsel Office
Dennis Bradley Development
Virginia Chapman Office of Sustainability
Luisa Coraluzzi Obstetrics & Gynecology
Emily Cherlin School of Public Health
Vincent Dicola Internal Medicine, Cardiology
Gai Doran School of the Environment
Sean Dunn Yale Art Gallery
Theresa Dyrek Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Steffen Finkelstein Yale Health
Mary Sue FitzSimons Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Kristen Forman Institute of Sacred Music
Paul Genecin Yale Health
Paul Gruhn Information Technology Services
Susan Hurlburt Computer Science
Jennifer Julier Association of Yale Alumni
Cathleen King Environmental Health and Safety
Martha Luther Obstetrics & Gynecology
Bonnie Mahmood Peabody Museum
Melissa Maier Institute of Sacred Music
Kathleen Marcucio Internal Medicine, Endocrinology
Gail McAvay Internal Medicine, Geriatrics
Michele Messina Comprehensive Cancer Center
Pamela Miller Information Technology Services
Carol Murgo Office of Animal Research Support
Anne Navin Finance and Business Operations, Controller’s Office
James Nelson Norfolk Summer Music Festival and School
Lisa Palumbo Information Technology Services
Patricia Pederson Development
Judy Plotkin Comprehensive Cancer Center
Martin Platt Business Office, Facilities
Patricia Ranney Immunobiology
Peter Reinhardt Environmental Health and Safety
Elizabeth Rolfe Information Technology Services
Harold Rose General Counsel Office
Michael Satterwhite Information Technology Services
Joy Sherman MacMillan Center
Lauren Showak Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Irina Smolgovsky Endocrinology
Cheryl Stefanowicz Finance and Business Operations, Controller’s Office
Blanche Temple Human Resources
Allen Townsend Yale Library, Arts and Humanities
Emily Uresky Information Technology Services
Marilyn Wilkes Arthur Liman Public Interest Program
Name Department
Yvonne Beard Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Joann DelVecchio Business Operations, Field Science & Tech
Halppen Donoghoe Psychiatry
Louis Fanelli Athletics, Grounds Maintenance
Elaine Harris Yale Medicine, Care Center
Lisa Scecina Interim Employment Pool
Linda Thompson Interim Employment Pool
Shuhua Xu School of Medicine, Cellular and Molecular Physiology
Name Department
Joanne Bentley Research Management Services
Cynthia Carr General Counsel Office
Donna Cartwright Neurology
Denise Castellano Yale Licensing
Debra Parkmond Yale University
Marcia Schwartz Health Policy and Management
Name Department
Andrea Benjamin Geriatrics
Constance Costa Yale Center for Clinical Investigation
Judy Crocker School of the Environment
Rita Finnegan Student Employment
Diane Fusco Human Resources
Barbara Haberman ITS, Data Center Engineering
Marie Longo Obstetrics & Gynecology
Janet Murphy Pediatrics
Deirdre Davis-Patterson Surgery, Transplant
Fawn Wang Office of International Affairs
Sarah Whitaker Interim Employment Pool
Name Department
Lynn Brooks Yale Animal Resources Center
Tonia Crite Campus Police
Susana Cruz Pathology
Robert Daly Physical Plant
Burrus Harlow Yale Art Gallery
Deborah Losi-Sullivan Genetics
Margaret McNulty Pathology
George Miles Beinecke Library
Midge Oliver Interim Employment Pool
Stephane Skibo Information Technology Services, Finance and Administration
Joseph Tempesta Campus Police
Clint Westgard Information Technology Services, SFAS
Name Department
Robert Ariel Utilities
Paul Auringer Information Technology Services, Medical School
Gloria Hoda Information Technology Services
Mary Jarvie School of Management
Yuli Li Medical Informatics
Elizabeth Muskin Internal Medicine
Karen Polhemus Information Technology Services, Operational Excellence
Katherine Pothin Law School
Gillian Ralls Yale Health, Student Health
Stephen Satonick Campus Police
Audrey Stella Interim Employment Pool
Meng-Ghon Tang Library, Usability and Interfaces
Jan Thigpen School of Medicine, Surgery
Susan Wheeler Yale Medical Library
Name Department
John Bollier Office of Facilities
Alison Bonds School of Medicine, Stem Cell Center
Joseph Brennan Internal Medicine, Cardiology
Kathleen Burton French Department
Kathleen Castellon Office of Medical Education
Paula Clogher School of Public Health
Jose Colon Yale University
Steve Conn Athletics, Varsity Support
Marina Cordeau Ophthalmology and Visual Science
Ron Cruz Yale Animal Resources Center
Iain Dawson Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Thomas Ferraro Physical Plant
Reva Goggins School of Medicine, Surgery
Katherine Henderson Pathology
Terri Henderson Custodial Services
Frank Jackson Yale Hospitality
Ann Kuhlman International Students & Scholars
Kenneth Kuester Peabody Museum
Charles Lu School of Medicine, Medical Informatics
James Mather Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Maureen McCarthy Psychiatry
Elizabeth McGuire Drama School
Teresa Mensz Haas Arts Library
Susan Mommsen School of Management, Development and Alumni Relations
Kristen Mooseker MacMillan Center
Antonio Muni Physical Plant
Donna Piscitello Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Phillip Priore, Sr. Security Programs
Kelly Proctor Yale Medicine
Valdemar Queiroga Infrastructure Engineering
Pamela Raudat Yale Animal Resources Center
Keith Roberts Utilities
Lorraine Roseman Office of Medical Education
Ella Sandor Field Humanities and Social Science
Andrew Sherman Computer Science
Katrina Simons Economics
Carol Soroka Internal Medicine
John Tarka Physical Plant
Carolyn Taylor Radiology and Biomedical Imaging
Gordon Trumbull Boswell Papers
Elizabeth Wade The Paul Tsai China Center
Pamela Wesley Divinity School
Name Department
Crystal Adamchek MCDB
Jeffrey Brown Custodial Services
Debra Coward Yale Hospitality
Katrina Gionteris Psychiatry
Robert Guamieri Information Technology Services
Roongtiwa Harlow Library, Tech Services
Melinda Papowitz Development
Marvin Robinson Custodial Services
Catherine Scott Provost Office, Administration
Ekaterini Stamatiou Yale Hospitality
John Stuper Athletics, Varsity Sports
Susan Visken-Diaz Controller’s Office
Name Department
Judith Calvert Law School
Gail Duhaime Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Thomas Falco Yale Medical Library
Kathie Hawtin Pathology
Margaret Dion Marovitz Psychiatry
Name Department
Dick Bascom Procurement
Carrie Capezzone Financial Operations
Robert Cervone Security Programs
Rosanne Colon Yale Hospitality
Anita DeGoosh Emergency Medicine
Alan Forman Investments office
Merri Hawkins Surgery
Jadwiga Kawka School of Public Health
Daniel Lopez Information Technology Services
Katherine Ollodart Surgery
Eleanor Riley Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Beverly Santora Controller’s Office
William Schultz Security Programs
Christopher Unsworth Cooperative Research
Steven Woznyk Yale Police
Name Department
Carol Barolli Yale University
Sara Battista Controller’s Office
Terry Becker Yale College, Grace Hopper
Robert Benevento Custodial Services
Susan Carrozza Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Golam Chowdhury Psychiatry
Nancy Faughnan Development
Anne Figlewski Comprehensive Cancer Center
Sadie Holmes Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Ana Lobo Anesthesiology
Ian McClure Yale Art Gallery
Terrence Murphy Internal Medicine, Geriatrics
Cynthia Nethercut Yale University
Michael Neville Yale University
Steven Ongley Faculty & Staff Support
Mary Pearsall Custodial Services
Raymond Peck Yale University
Dennis Reilly Custodial Services
Bei Wang Imaging Research Center
Donna Wetmore School of Architecture
Suzanne Wirak International Affairs, Fellowship Office
Regina Wright Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Name Department
Victoria Bilski Institution for Social and Policy Studies
Cynthia Breault Law School
Linda Carbone TRS/Campus Mail
Ewa Chodakowski Yale University
Kay Debski OB-GYN
Elizabeth Drye Pediatrics
Anne Edwards Genetics
Edward Frey Procurement
Lynn Lewis Yale University
Patricia Macero Yale University
Kim Miller Alumni Affairs & Office of Development
Ann Minton Yale University
Richard Morris ITS Support Center
Kari Nordstrom Facilities, Capital Projects Administration
Jacqueline Padilla Shared Business Services Center
Rick Pendergrass Custodial Services
Hugh Penney Benefits
Ali Saidi School of Management 
Frank Savino Yale Printing & Publishing Services
Debra Simon Yale Art Gallery
Harry Stanley Custodial Services
Linda Starace-Colabella Yale Health, OB-GYN
Darren Sutphin Pathology
Alyson Waters French
Anthony Yasevac Development
Max Zaniewski Shared Business Services Center
Name Department
Lesley Baier University Printer
Denise Blake Psychiatry 
Donna Boomer Yale University
Pamela Bosward Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Debra Bozzi Yale Press
Ann Brainard-Dougan Information Technology Services
Alexandra Braren Field Business Operations
Peter Brown Imaging Research Center
Deanna Burns Shared Services
Judith Carney Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Paul Catalano Grounds Maintence
Ingrid Chrismond Office of the Secretary
Daniel Cody Teaching and Learning Center, Broadcast Group
Edward Cosgrove Yale University Press
Leigh Cromey Office of Medical Education
Lisa Danko Financial Operations, YSM
Pamela Dann Internal Medicine
John DeNezzo Shared Business Services Center
Kathleen DePonte Infectious Diseases
Kristine Diana Psychiatry Research
Mary Donovan Cedarhurst School, Psychiatry
Deborah Elkin Pathology
Howard el-Yasin Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Kathrine Fleischauer Yale Medicine, Clinical Operations
Salvatore Garibaldi Procurement
Robert Garofalo Comprehensive Cancer Center
Ricardo Gonsalves Custodial Services
Neal Greene Yale School of Nursing
Jeffrey Gworek Yale Printing & Publishing Services
Geraldine Haddon Dermatology
Janet Halliday Cardiology
John Heine Yale Printing and Publishing Services
Lars Helgeson Anesthesiology
Nina Horowitz Surgery
Karen Jahn  Association of Yale Alumni
Shirley James Yale Hospitality
Richard Johnson Yale Center for British Art
Christopher Lane Information Technology Services
Linda Leo-Summers Geriatrics
Regina MacDonald Yale Health
Bettye Jo Mackiewicz Yale Hospitality
Mary Mayer Yale University Press
Lisa McKay School of Public Health
Maria McLellan Yale Printing & Publishing Services
Sharon McManus Institutional Advancement
Cheryl McMurray Imaging Research Center
Susan Monsen Law School, ITS
John Nieman Yale Printing & Publishing Services
Layne Ochman Office of Animal Research Support
Laurie Ongley Institute of Sacred Music
Deidre Pender Neurology
Edwin Pike Machine Shop
Michele Potter Human Resources, Best Practices
Laura Ricci Anesthesiology
Valerie Richardson Yale Art Gallery
Karen Robitaille Yale Child Study Center
Sheila Rogers Psychiatry
Sharron Shea Development, Fundraising
Joanne Simiola Orthopaedics
Diane Smoakes Custodial Services
Edward Soderstrom Provost Administration
Karen Spicher Beinecke Library
Steven Sprowson University Registrar
Valarie Stanley Diversity and Work Life
Suzanne Stringer Dean Office
Klara Szigeti-Buck Comparative Medicine
Alice Tangredi-Hannon Research Administration
Kathi Traugh School of Public Health
Elaine Vivero Silliman, Head of Colleges
Denise Webb Yale Child Study Center
Narinder Whitehead Cancer Center
Name Department
Stephen Abate Yale Printing & Publishing Services
Mariann Adams School of the Environment
Jo-Ann Ahearn Mathematics
Vincent Alberino Controller
Phillip Allen Physical Plant
Debra Alling Facilities, Custodial Services
Patricia Altermatt Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Barbara Aniballi Yale Center for British Art
Joseph Antinucci Untilities
George Arnaoutis Yale Athletics
Marianne Arrigone Undergraduate Admissions
Ava Artaiz MB and B
Elizabeth Baird Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Demetra Baldwin Campus Police
Barry Barbuto Physical Plant
Therese Barbuto Yale College, Student Affairs
Beth Barnes School of Law, Dean’s Office
Cynthia Bartley Surgery
James Beady Custodial Services
Angela Ben-Elohim Yale Hospitality
Clifton Best Custodial Services
Cheryl Bianco Custodial Services
Dennis Bigler Parking and Transit
Pamela Bloomfield Interim Employment Pool
Philip Blumell Facilities, Custodial Services
Arnold Boles Yale Center for British Art
Sandra Bouton Information Technology Services
Jacqueline Brooks Facilities, Custodial Services
Annie Brooks Clinical Affairs
Antoinette Brown Yale Art Gallery
Stuart Brownstein Physical Plant
Debra Bush Library, Manuscripts and Archives
Marilyn Butanowicz Human Resourc, Employee Services Center
Cesar Cabral Kline Stockroom
Cindy Cabral Yale Printing & Publishing Services
Marie Campbell Pediatrics, Nephrology
Angel Canales TRS/Campus Mail
Paula Carney Pathology
Sandra Carter Yale Animal Resources Center
Virginia Castaneda Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Patricia Cawley Timothy Dwight College, Academic Affairs
George Chardiet Yale University 
Donna Christensen Surgery
Stephanie Christides Yale Health, Member Services
Gregory Clark Utilities
Carlton Clarke Yale Hospitality
Ivette Clegg Law Library
Joseph Cochran Yale Printing & Publishing Services
Richard Coe Physical Plant
Patrick Collins Physical Plant
Dolores Colon Beinecke Library
Robert Colonna Facilities, Custodial Services
Stuart Comen Yale Hospitality
Barbara Consiglio School of Law
Cynthia Cotten YSM Cores
Joan Cricca Psychiatry
William Cross Fire Marshal Office
John Cummings Yale Hospitality
Judith Cummings Library, Access Services
Aldo Cupo Yale University Press
Jeremiah DeSanti Fire Marshal
Steve Deuss Facilities, Business Office - 
John Devaney Physical Plant
Donald Deyo Yale University 
Pamela Doll Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Susan Dougherty Yale Health, Pediatrics
Michael Dowd Physical Plant
Glaston Dubose Custodial Services
Diane Ducharme Beinecke Library
James Edwards Physical Plant
Connie Ellison Hospitality
Parker Emerson International Students & Scholars
Margaret Emery Physical Plant
Cerise Evans Custodial Services
Mattison Finkle Physical Plant
Linda Flegler Yale Health
Tracy Ford East Asian Languages and Literatures
Edith Fortes Library, Preservation
Belinda Franklin Facilities, Custodial Services
Donna Fritz Yale Hospitality
Gary Gagliardi Fire Marshal
John Galberth Facilities, Custodial Services
John Gary Facilities, Custodial Services
John Giamattei Library, Access Services
Yolanda Giordano Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Javier Gonzalez Utilities
William Good Physical Plant
Kathleen Goodfriend Office of Sponsored Projects
Lisa Gras Pathology
Michael Greco Physical Plant
Margaret Greene Geology and Geophysics
Elena Gusev Library, Tech Services Admin
Linda Hager Pathology
Carolyn Hannah Access Services
Sharon Harriott Yale Health
Bettina Harris Therapeutic Radiology
Donna Harris Shared Business Services Center
Lucinda Harris Yale Hospitality
Margaret Hionis Yale Health, Member Services
Lynette Holloway TRS/Campus Mail
Lucille Houde Area Studies and Humanities Research Support
Randolph Howell Yale Hospitality, Law School Dining
Michael Humbert Facilities, Custodial Services
Andrea Iazzetta Yale University 
Linda Ivory Facilities, Custodial Services
Sharon Jennings Geriatrics
Guy Jeudy Physical Plant
Clifford Johnson Beinecke Library
Susan Chase Jones Librarian Office
Margit Kaye Beinecke Library
Kent Keith Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Stanley Kobylanski ITS, Faculty & Staff Support
Pamela Lamonaca  Institute for Social and Policy Studies
Mark Lamontagne Security Programs
Ellen Lange Drama School
Kathryn Langston Facilities, Custodial Services
David LaRocca Physical Plant
Cheryl Leach Library, Access Services
Pik-Yiu Lee Library, Tech Services Admin
Thomas Lee Yale Hospitality
Fan Li Information Technology Services
Kathryn Liebman Clinical Affairs
Jeffrey Locke Physical Plant
Antonio Lopes Pathology
Barbara Lumpkin Comprehensive Cancer Center
Maryellen Mancini Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Larry Mann Facilities, Business office
Yelena Mann Cardiology
Kathryn Mansi Music Library
Karen-Lynn Marinuzzi Beinecke Library
Norma Marocchi-Thorn Finance and Administration
Joseph Mascolo Utilities
June Maselli M C and D Biology
Alexandra Mashkautsan Yale Medical Library
Ann Mattie School of Public Health
John Maturo Physical Plant
Janet McCarter Office of Medical Education
Douglas McDermott Physical Plant
Mary McGovern Human Resources, Employee Services
Sarah McIver Child Study Center
Jacqueline Mendes West Campus Core Facilities
Hosni Mikhael Anesthesiology
Lisa Miller Astronomy
Kate Molyneux Business Operations
Kim Monocchi Astronomy
Nadian Moore Facilities, Custodial Services
Patricia Morales De Tirado Chemistry
Armand Morgan Peabody Museum
Linda Mouning Environmental Health and Safety
Joan Nye Neurology
Janet O’Dell School of Engineering and Applied Science
Pamela O’Donnell Economics
Cathy Orcutt Law School
Patricia Page Law School, Finance & Administration
Priscilla Paige Procurement
Rita Palmarozza Laboratory Medicine
Karen Parady-Raucci Athletics
Constance Pascarella Humanities Program
Linda Patenaude Council of Head of Colleges
Barbara Pendergrass-Moseley Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Susan Penney English
Patricia Pepe Custodial Services
Lee Petrowski Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Lisa Pitoniak Yale College Dean’s Office
Jeannette Ponzio Yale Medical Library
Roberta Porter Yale Health
Joanne Porto Obstetrics & Gynecology
Amelia Prostano Beinecke Library
Robert Proto Local 35
Ann Putio Dermatology
Anne-Marie Quirke Yale Printing & Publishing Services
Deborah Randall Shared Business Services Center
Jessica Reyes Pathology
Evelyn Rodriguez Shared Business Services Center
Gary Rose Facilities, Custodial Services
Leslie Rosello Psychiatry
Maria Rossi Beinecke Library
Helen Rossik Yale Hospitality, Law School Dining
Jessica Rostow Association of Yale Alumni
Debra Rueb Council of Head of Colleges
Jean Saley Dermatology
Swapna Samanta Genetics
Maria Ama Bella San Juan Yale Health, Building Services
Bonney Sauro Urology
Cynthia Savo Child Study Center
Thomas Schaefer Utilities
Betty Jane Schiller Business Operations
Joanne Scranton Grounds Maintenance
Edythe Sessions Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Nancy Sims Development
Dale Smith TR&S
Darren Smith Physical Plant
Joan Smolenski Office of Sponsored Projects
Michele Sobolewski Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Linda Solevo Facilities, Custodial Services
Rosalind Stanley YSM Cores
John Steeves Library, Access Services
Mary Jane Stevens Comparative Literature
Jodie Stewart-Moore African American Studies
Deborah Stowe Yale Hospitality
Leisa Strohmaier C And M Physiology
Wayne Stuckey TRS/Campus Mail
Vincent Suraci Yale University 
Cheryl Tappin Yale University 
Mary Anne Thigpen Yale Health, Acute Care Dept
Michael Tondalo Physical Plant
Esther Torres Library. Access Services
Deborah Tropiano Law School, Legal Services Organization
Richard Tufano Physical Plant
Alfonza Tyson Yale University 
Kathleen Underkofler Psychiatry
Rhonda Vegliante Academic Affairs
Elizabeth Vellali Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry 
Lisa Ventura McHugh Human Resources, Employee Services Center
Diane Villano Development
Gracie Watkins Controller’s Office
Donna Whitcher Yale Health
David White Physical Plant
Diane Williams Shared Business Services Center
Rosemary Williams Law Library
Gregory Williams Facilities
May Wilson Custodial Services
Raymond Wilson Physical Plant
Sharon Zaehringer University Registrar’s Office
Cynthia Zerillo Pediatrics, 
Janice Zulkeski Genetics
Name Department
Elizabeth Anderson Facilities Capital Projects Administration
Laurene Baril Yale Animal Resources Center
Kelly Bolduc Yale Center for Clinical Investigation
Yvonne D’Amato Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Francis Gilson Utilities
Nellie Harriott Yale Hospitality
David Helie School of Medicine, Pathology
Mary Helie School of Medicine, Pathology
Kenneth Kader Emergency Medicine
Evelyn Morrissey Internal Medicine HSC
Penni Rose Yale Animal Resources Center
Elizabeth Roy Information Technology Services
Augustine Sanchez Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Bernie Staggers Yale Center for British Art
Mary Joyce Trapp Financial Operations
Victor Velt Office of Public Affairs and Communications
Glenn Weston-Murphy School of Engineering and Applied Science
Michael Yaffe Dean’s Office
Name Department
Cheryl Boeher Facilities
Deborah Caruso Animal Resources Center
Luba Copela School of Medicine, Genetics
Rebecca Corbett School of Medicine, Dermatology
Jessica Coviello School of Nursing, Administration
Laurie Feldman Center for Clinical Investigation
Carolyn Hall  Yale Health, Endoscopy
Judy Hlawitschka Yale Health, Student Medicine
Robin Howard Human Resources, Employee Services
Kenneth Hudson Information Technology Services
Marcia Kaplan Administrative Division Operations
Janet Miller Yale Art Gallery
Karen Olson Yale Libraries
Dean Plummer Yale Libraries
Laverne Marks Yale Health, Mental Health and Counseling
Edith Rotkopf Business Operations
Claudia Swanson Office of Animal Research Support
Joseph Vellali School of Medicine, Stockroom
Cynthia Walker School of Medicine
Rosemary Watts School of Architecture
Lisa Woods Office of Development 
Name Department
James Baker Custodial Services
Douglas Black Other Agency Accounts
Donna Carrano Yale University
Donna Carranzo Office of Medical Education
Marilyn Drees Student Affairs
Joanna Esposito Shared Business Services Center
Deborah Ferry Yale University
Sherry Ford Dean’s Office
Wayne Gentile Physical Plant
Rafael Gomez-Rivera Security Programs
Susan Hart Department of Astronomy
Robbie Hobson Yale Hospitality
Laura Horvath Radiology and Biomedical Imaging
Geraldine Lindsay Business Office - Facilities
Aurelie Martinez-Kennedy Office of Sponsored Projects
Bruce McCann Facilities Capital Projects Administration
Eric Millman Yale Health, Mental Hygiene
Karen Moalli Yale University
Hedwig Sarofin Imaging Research Center
Edwin Schroeder Beinecke Library
Theresa Serafin Human Resources, Compensation & Benefits
Deepa Shirali HR Compensation & Benefits
Toni Ann Simiola Pharmacology
Cheryl Skeffington School of Management, Facilities
Caesar Storlazzi Provost Office, Financial Aid
Barbara Stuart Yale Summer Session
Ava Suntoke Yale Summer Session
Name Department
Barbara Botti University Registrar
Pamela Buonocore Geology and Geophysics
Margaret Carnright Association of Yale Alumni
Patricia DePalma Yale Medicine, Clinical Operations
Anthony Diaz Athletics, Payne Whitney Gym
Nancy Genga Department of German
Kenneth Hollie Campus Police
Sharon Joslin Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Gus Lane Berkeley College
Tony Ma School of Medicine, Psychiatry
Roseann McNulty Yale Finance, Business Solutions 
Maria Rao Department of Applied Physics
Donald Relihan TRS/Campus Mail
Alexis Rivera Campus Police
Michael Simon Business Office - Facilities
Lillian Vinston Physics
Barbara Walsh Psychiatry
Carolyn Wilson-Carr Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Name Department
Jean Adnopoz Child Study Center
Nancy Almeida Yale Hospitality
Michael Anderson Peabody Museum
Susie Black Office of Development
Mary Bouldin Psychiatry
Susan Brown Yale Behavioral Health
Lorena Capone Surgery
Israel Cordero Physical Plant
Stephen Crocco Divinity School Library
Dennis Danaher Office of Development
Bruce Davis School of Medicine, Surgery
Marsene Dear Yale Hospitality
Joanne DeMayo Office of Facilities
Deborah Dixon Office of Facilities
Mary Dudley School of Medicine
Mae Helen Felder Office of Facilities
Ellen Freiler Yale University Press, Marketing
Michael Frost  Library, Manuscripts and Archives
Doreen Generoso Divinity School, Dean’s Office
Kathleen Glynn Financial Operations
Dorian Harding-Morick Library, Access Services 
Robyn Harrison Shared Business Services Center
Ellen Jaramillo Library, Tech Services
Tanya Kagan Finance and Business Operations
John Keyes Security, Yale Center for British Art
Robert Kubicko Kline Stockroom
Agnes Leary Office of International Affairs 
Warren Lyde Office of Facilities
Nancy Lyon  Library, Manuscripts and Archives
Elissa Mastrangelo Anesthesiology 
Linda Mattice Yale Libraries
K.C. Mills Timothy Dwight College
Judith Mitnick Pathology
Robert Molloy Physical Plant
Maureen Nobile Yale University
Kenneth Ondrush Information Technology Services
Shirley Pink Interim Employment Pool
Joan Rice Physical Plant
Joan Rye Geology and Geophysics
Mark Saba Information Technology Services
Kathy Scholz Yale Health, Pediatrics
Cheryl Violante Office of Communications
Susan Wells School of the Environment
Nicole White Yale Hospitality
Name Department
David Brancato Physical Plant, West Campus
Geraldine Dickel Library, Technical  Services
Amy Greenberg MacMillan Center, Operating Units
Hillary Marino Therapeutic Radiology
Patricia McClure Psychology
Susan McMahon Cell Biology
Anne Marie Menta Beinecke Library
Naiqian Niu Internal Medicine
Evelyn Pomichter School of Medicine, Child Study Center
Leslie Radcliffe School of Engineering and Applied Science
Joesphine Scalzo Library, Technical Services
Carol Sequino Academic Services, MacMillan Center
Nanette Stahl Library, Area Studies and Humanities Research Support
Nancy Sullivan School of Medicine, Surgery
Lynn Tietjen School of Medicine, Neurosurgery
Merle Waxman Women in Medicine, Academic and Scientific Affairs
Name Department
Lisa Brandes Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Rosa Cruz Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Nancy DeMatteo School of Nursing, Administration
Jill Garofalo Yale Health, OB-GYN 
Mary Messina Smilow
Walter Potoniec Physical Plant, West Campus
Audrey Rogers Diversity and WorkLife
Harvey Rosenberg Security Programs
Louise Scrivani Child Study Center
Robert Shields ITS, Data Operations Center
Valerie Warhall Sponsored Projects 
Angela Warren-Downing Yale Hospitality, Pierson College
Perry Widener Law Library
Name Department
Millie Anderson Financial Operations
Ed Bebyn Parking and Transit
Doris C. Brinkley Interim Employment Pool 
Kathleen Brown-Dorato Development and Alumni Relations
Michael DiMassa Library, Collection Services
Roseanne R. Fabrizio Yale Center for British Art
Juan Fuentes Yale Animal Resources Center
Poppy Hahn Yale Educational Travel
Susan Diane Hampton Athletics, Facilities
Dana L. Jehan Surgery
Christine K. Kaliszewski Neurosurgery
Deborah Lynn Meredith OB-GYN, Yale Health
Peter S. Pulaski Yale Golf Course
Ira Rock Anesthesiology
Lyn Bell Rose Publications, Yale Center for British Art
Scott Barnes Wilcox Yale Center for British Art
Name Department
Genevieve M. Bogacki School of Public Health
Cheryl A. DeFilippo Academic and Scientific Affairs, YSM
Lisa L. Ford Yale Center for British Art
Larry Heiman Library, Technical Services 
Karen A. Lavery Pediatrics, YSM
Lisa LeMontangue University Auditing
Ellen Lewis Development, Capital Campaign
Deren Shao Interim Employment Pool
Tammy J. Stemen Environmental Health and Safety
David Talbott Athletics, Varsity Sports (M)
Sonya Valentine Interim Employment Pool
Gloria A. White Interim Employment Pool
Name Department
John Altieri Yale Animal Resources Center
Barbara Beckerman Yale School of Medicine Cores
Barbara Cain Office of Sponsored Projects
Barbara Cotton Immunobiology
Ilana Danilowitz Provost Office
Elisabeth Fairman Yale Center for British Art
Steven Kramer Surgery
Name Department
Lisa Anastasio-Rotella Dermatology
Melanie Brigockas Peabody Museum
Judith Bryson Ophthalmology and Visual Science
Marian Caciopoli Dermatology 
Jeanette Culbreath Office of Sponsored Projects
Xin Du School of Public Health
Kathleen Edwards Emergency Medicine
Deborah Fahs Administration
Mary Fiasconaro Pediatrics
Mary Jane Galvin Pediatrics
Lin Geng Cell Biology
Cathy George Berkeley Divinity School
Bonnie Masserelli Parking and Transit
Goretti Medeiros Business Operations
Irwin Nash Laboratory Medicine
Brian Ragaglia Yale Printing & Publishing Services
Lynn Selemon Neuroscience
Kathleen Slater Finance & Administration
Richard Sleight Finance and Administration
James Smith Internal Medicine
Dennis Titley Office of Sponsored Projects
Robert Villani Physical Plant
Barbara Voiges Yale Printing & Publishing Services
Verelda Wilson Psychiatry
Robert Yerrington Ophthalmology and Visual Science
Sarah Zaino Administration
Name Department
LuAnn Bishop Public Affairs and Communication
Theresa Donovan Internal Medicine
Susan Mar Preservation
Jane Miller Yale Art Gallery
Nadine Ricks Custodial Services
Elisabeth Travers Controller
Hema Vasavada Research
Name Department
Susan Brady Beinecke Library
Keith Della Rocco Internal Medicine Administration
Marianne Horn Neuroscience
Brian Kolterman Tech Services Administration
Cynthia Kolodecik Yale Health, Mental Hygiene
Joy Ortiz Psychiatry
Grace Sexton Dermatology
Name Department
Matteo Cretella Psychiatry
Gary Ferdinand Security Programs
Patricia Fitzpatrick Diagnostic Imaging 
Michelle Gall Divinity School
Lucinda Pinchot Surgery
Lillian Sakai Research
Monica Talmor Pathology
Name Department
Patricia Carusone Parking and Transit
Linda Croughwell Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Lance Barnes Psychiatry
Ellen Kelly Ginsberg Office of Global Strategy
Tracy Kot Obstetrics & Gynecology
Reyhan Larimer Facilities, Capital Projects Administration
Jerry Malefatto Comprehensive Cancer Center
Michelle Orsulak Pharmacology
Andrew Pakstis Genetics
Sandra Ricciuti Yale Hospitality
Daniel Sullivan Utilities
Brian Tompkins Athletics, Varsity Sports (M)
Ellen Zemina Library, Preservation
Name Department
Mary Ann Alberino Office of General Counsel
Carol Allen Child Study Center
Gladys Almodovar Fundraising
Patricia Andreucci Other Agency Accounts
Paul Bongiorni Therapeutic Radiology
Dawn Boulas Custodial Services
Claire Brennan HR, Labor Relations
JoAnne Burger Yale Health, Pediatrics
Andrea Capelli Information Technology Services
Francine Carland Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Jean Cherniavsky American Studies Program
Constance Clement Yale Center for British Art
Christine Connolly Library, Manuscripts and Archives
Mary Dansinghani Psychiatry
Janice Davey Internal Medicine
Wayne Dean Athletics, Marketing Office
Walter Debboli Grounds Maintenance
Karen DeFelice Physics, Business Operations
David DeMille Physics, Business Operations
Diane Dynia Nephrology
Debra Federico Child Study Center
Lynn Festa Yale Medicjne, Billing and Coding
Steven Fielding Business Solutions Dept
Martha Fiellin Yale Center for Clinical Investigation
Beverly Frattini Yale Animal Resources Center
Orimena Givens Yale Medicine, Clinical Affairs
Ramona Gregg Women’s Health Program
Donna Hall Yale Hospitality, Divinity School
Marilyn Hentz Human Relations Area Files
Jean-Paul Hogan Physical Plant
Vanessa Jefferson Yale Health, Internal Medicine
Linda Lianos Cardiology
Amy Margolis Yale Child Study Center
Harold Mendes Yale Animal Resources Center
Sue Ann Mentone Cellular & Molecular Physiology
Linda Montagna Human Resources Information Systems
Patricia Mosca Yale Medicine, Accounts Receivable
Thomas Mullen Campus Police
Kerry Murphy Procurement
Charles Opsahl Yale Health, Mental Health Counseling
Diane Paquette Yale Health, Student Health
Paul Perry Information Technology Services
Robert Piscatelli Information Technology Services, Faculty & Staff Support
Anne Pollock Biotechnology Services
Deborah Raccio Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Connie Rinaldi Office of General Counsel
Luis Rivera Security Programs
Melody Sacatos Internal Medicine, Digestive Diseases
S. Michael Stringer Custodial Services
John Suarez Security Programs
Astrid Swanson Cardiology
Victoria Taccardi Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Jeffrey Thorn Information Technology Services, Infrastructure Engineering
Paul Tinker Yale Hospitality
Kathleen Weisgable Office of the President
Yue Yang Comparative Medicine, Yale Genome Editing Center
Name Department
Dorothy Baker Geriatrics
Karina Danvers Infectious Diseases
Maryann Demers Pathology
Karen McGovern Timothy Dwight Head of College
James McGrath Genetics
Nancy Ovedovitz, Yale University Press
Georganne Rogers Dean’s Office, Law School
David Roth OB-GYN, Yale Health
Sharon Schmidt Quality & Safety, Yale Health
Sally Sherman Neurology
Maria Stavropoulos Surgery, Transplant
Kathleen Uscinski Clinical Trial Operations
Xiaoling Wu Chemistry
Name Department
Russell Barbour Biostatistics, School of Public Health
James Barnett Dining Hall, Law School
Lynn Butler Psychology
Iris Cordero Yale School of the Environment
Kathryn D’Addeo Research Affairs
Christopher Devers Controller Office
Ronald Esposito Power Plant, West
Magan Jain Library, Technical Services
Janis Panza-Voss Beinecke Library Security
Name Department
Sharon Foy Baird Human Resources, Employee Services Center
Mary Beth Bernacchia Yale Medicine, Patient Services
Linda Chabot OB-GYN, Endocrinology
Susan dos Santos Leave of Absence
Theresa Dupaul Human Resources, Compensation
William Fortune Machine Shop
Francine Georges Human Resources, Employee Relations
Darlene Gray Hospitality, Culinary Support Center
Dolores Grillo School of Management, Executive MBA
Sandra Howell Yale Medicine, Clinical Operations
Patricia Lesko Pathology
Edward Mockus Athletics
John Moran Office of Public Affairs
Naseeba Nasr Yale Health, Pharmacy Retail
Brian Noonan Interim Employment Pool
Jill Parchuck Science & Social Science Libraries
 Gail Sicilia School of Nursing, Executive Deputy Dean Office
Jill Stronk OB-GYN, Endocrinology
Susan Warakomski Yale Printing and Publishing Services
Greg Ward Hospitality, Davenport Dining Hall
Name Department
Kathleen Bartolotta Yale Medicine, Compliance
Barbara Fitzgerald Chemistry, Administration
Roseanne Gagne Yale Medicine, Clinical Operations
Joyce Godfrey Custodial Services, Central North
Paul Grant-Costa Divinity School
Evette Hamilton Yale Medicine, Accounts Receivable Team
Joyce Jepsen Leave of Absence
Julie Jirikowic Law School,Information Technology Services
Lawrence Macala Interim Employment Pool
Lisa Mancini Interim Employment Pool
Deborah Newton Interim Employment Pool
June Poulton School of Public Health, Biostatistics
Yin Wah Pragano Pathology, Clinical Labs and Contracts
Lois Ravage-Mass Internal Medicine, Pulmonary
Karen Stavris Anesthesiology
Virginia Tierney Anesthesiology, Pediatrics
Nancy Turner Law School, Development
Janice Vasil Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Name Department
Lori Acker-Doyle Pathology, Clinical Labs and Contracts
Annette Ackerman School of Public Health, Biostatistics
Joseph Anastasio Security Programs
Kathedral Bayl Human Resources, Operations
Louisa DeGaetano Law Library
Marcia Duenkel Office of the President
Patricia Mastrangelo School of Art 
Scott Ramsay Athletics, Grounds Maintenance
Madeline Riccio Stem Cell Center
Diane Strumpf Vascular Biology and Therapeutics
Name Department
Catherine Anthony Yale Health, Call Center
Roger Babbitt Pharmacology
Judith Basile Yale Medicine, Clinical Operations
Christine Capozziello Human Resources Information Services
Amy Caspole University Registrar
Janis Celone Psychiatry, Divisions-Consultation Center
Frank Della Camera Physical Plant
Karen Denavit Yale Center for British Art, Finance and Administration
Dennis Fedorchuk Physical Plant
Cynthia Gambardella Obstetrics & Gynecology
John Gilligan Security Programs
Bill Law Hospitality, Culinary Support Center
Ellen Lelasher School of Engineering and Applied Science
Demetra Louloudis Pathology, Clinical Labs and Contracts
Susan Marino Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology
Barbara Nordhaus Child Study Center
Concetta Russell Parking and Transit
Helen Sayward Medical Oncology-Section
Anna Sidorow Anesthesiology
Laura Smith Analytics and Data Services
Shelley Smith Psychiatry
Stefano Sodi Neurology, Memory Disorders
James Stritch Yale University Press
Sandra Vita Internal Medicine, Administration
Name Department
Susan Avitabile Hospitality, Pierson College Dining Hall
Jane Blotzer Development, Stewardship
Donna Cameron Yale Medicine, Billing & Coding
Judith Gottlieb Yale Medicine, Billing & Coding
Mary Hahn School of Management, Deputy Deans Office
Heaton, Dan (Retired) Yale University Press, Manuscript
Nancy Hilton Yale Medicine, Accounts Receivable Team
Nancy Hopkins Sociology
Gordon Hutchinson Internal Medicine, Rheumatology
Joyce Larkin Development, Major Gifts
Christopher Pecora Athletics, Medical and Training
Karen Ramos University Registrar
Lynne Reichentahl Yale Printing and Publishing
Michael Ries Hospitality, Residential Dining Administration
Michael Rigsby Yale Health, Internal Medicine
Andrea Scafariello Yale Health, Mental Health and Counseling
Mark  Severs Yale Animal Resources
Arthur Sorel Information Technology Services
Jack  Tiboni Physical Plant
Nancy Troiano Orthopaedics
Jeanne Wilson Custodial Services
Dejan Zecevic Physiology