At Yale, I love...

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, It’s Your Yale asked staff members to tell us what they love about the university. The responses they sent in are listed below. All 87 names were entered into a random drawing and three individuals are winners of $25 gift certificates to sweet shops in New Haven. Congratulations to School of Medicine staff members Connie Rinaldi, Jessica Newkirk and Melody Bennett. They will receive emails shortly about claiming their prizes.

At Yale, I ______________

Amaar Al-Hayder

South Asian Studies, MacMillan Center


Konstantza Popova


the rich culture, diverse environment, sense of community, and endless possibilities for acquiring knowledge!

Tonya Daniels

Internal Medicine

the architecture. The buildings are beautifully built.

Emily Borders

Yale Hospitality

visiting the art galleries at lunch!

Brian Ragaglia

Yale Printing and Publishing Services

the opportunity to learn something new and apply it every day at work.

Leisa Strohmaier

Cellular & Molecular Physiology

the beautiful campus. The courtyards, lawns and walkways are lined with trees, flowers and stone buildings.

Jim Westgate

Psychology & EEB

the Outdoor Education Center!

Deanna Lomax

Biomedical Engineering

my Biomedical Engineeering family!!!

Bonnie Ye

University Auditing

the flexible working schedule.

Anne Santello

Child Study Center

the scholarship for children. It has really helped tremendously and made dream colleges affordable for my kids.

Katie Hart

Cushing/Whitney Medical Library

the Library!

Sandra Augustitus

School of Internal Medicine

Handsome Dan XVIII

Susan Butts

Peabody Museum

the collections of the Peabody Museum.

Ina Lico

Yale Cancer Center


Andrea Valcourt

Yale Shared Services, Accounts Payable

the family friendly environment that Yale offers. I also love all the events that Yale offers to their employees.

Lalani Perry

Internal Communications

having the opportunity to work with great people on such a beautiful campus.

Elizabeth Suenkel

Library Business Office

all the old men that sit at the tops pf the Yale buildings.

Codruta Todeasa

Yale Center for Clinical Investigation

my coworkers.

Aiyana Bobrownicki

Center for Teaching and Learning

the diversity and richness of our community.

Heidi Dalaker

Development, Major Gifts

that I learn something new every day.

Sue Penney


the architecture and landscaping.  Everywhere I walk there is a view.

Patti Cavaliere

General Internal Medicine

working among physicians, scholars & scientists who, despite various disciplines & cultures, share the vision of a healthier world.

Kristen Plock

YSM, Office of Alumni Affairs & Development

the opportunities for personal and professional growth provided by Yale’s affinity groups.

Crystal McEwen


the architecture of Old Campus, the variety of things to do: Art, Museums, Sports, Libraries, Plays, Orchestras, getting involved.

John Poitras

Yale Printing and Publishing Services

the history of the buildings.

Louise Wallace

Internal Medicine


Denice Sherwood

Clinical Reception, Internal Medicine

meeting new people !!

Theresa Harper

Plastic Surgery

the dedication and teamwork of all the members of our Section.

Shruti Desai


the antique buildings!

Marisa Debboli

Clinical Trial Operations

the affinity programs that allow me to meet new people and network.

Ann Mattie

School of Public Health

the breathtaking architecture of the buildings, gates, courtyards, windows & the sense of a past era whenever I walk the campus.

Amy Mulholland

West Campus, Systems Biology Institute

working with my faculty and lab members and building one on one relationships with each of them.

Christina Riley

Forestry and Environmental Studies

the camaraderie felt between staff members.

McKenzie Granata


our graduate students!

Ebony Williams

Clinical Trials Operations

that they provide employees with tuition reimbursement to encourage continuing education.

Theresa Evangeliste

Applied Physics

my “work” family in Applied Physics—it’s the true meaning of  “Team Work”!!

Toni Ann Simiola

Forestry and Environmental Studies

the diversity of our faculty, staff and students!

Margaret McDonald


my PIs!!!

Katie Pomes

Internal Communication

chicken tenders.

Caroline Lacy

Yale Medicine

the family environment of faculty, staff and students.

Jessica Newkirk

Department of Neurology, Movement Disorders

my job!

Nick Disantis

Council on East Asian Studies

the people! I love interacting with the students, faculty, and the many visitors we get to welcome each term.

Martha G. MacAvoy


my amazingly competent and lovely co-workers.

Melanie Borsari


the challenge.

Erica Gilbert

Surgery (Plastic Surgery)

the people I work with.

Cynthia Bergman

Yale Medicine, Learning and Development

Handsome Dan!!! We would like him to visit us!!!!

Nadia Freire

Yale Center for Clinical Investigation

the enormous amount of educational opportunities!

Shelly Lerner

HR, Recruiting

the diversity of what is researched here —from feathers on dinosaurs to DNA sequencing. It’s exciting!!

Youssef Errami


our community.

Nikita Jhanwar.

School of Management

and enjoy being a spouse of a Yalie.

Monica Rivera

Central Registration

the diversity and unity in departments—all the amazing resources for students, employees and family.

Maryam Rahmani

Employee Relations

the inclusive and diverse community, especially with the current state of our country, the culture at Yale is so valuable.

Sara Epperson

Center for Teaching and Learning

my thoughtful and hardworking colleagues!

Tamla Mahogany Hammonds

Pediatric Specialty Call Center

the families we serve.

Mark Lacy

Yale Hospitality

the community!

Chenee Gallaher

Yale School of Medicine, Psychiatry

the diversity, and family atmosphere.

Mousumi Ghosh

West Campus Analytical Core

the diversity.

Lashawn Jennings

Office of Sponsored Projects

my job.

Connie Rinaldi

Yale Medicine, Central

the opportunities to make a positive impact on patients’ lives and to be sure Yale Medicine stands out as exceptional.

Marcia Tursi

Child Study Center

walking around campus and seeing the beautiful and historic buildings and grounds and thinking of the long history of Yale.

Preston Mock

School of Drama

being challenged by my work and being able to decorate my work space with flamingos.

Cherice McNeil

Forestry and Environmental Studies

the diversity.

Carol Allen

Child Study

my job, my co-workers and my supervisors!

Theresa Odyniec


the benefits!

Kelly Byron


the older architecture.

Maura Turner

East Asian Languages and Literatures

the opportunity that I have received and still do, to learn many new and exciting things.

Sarah Masotta

Jackson Institute

being a part of a learning community!

Trisha Burrello

Clinical Trials Office

the people. Being a new employee, I can see the people here really make a difference in patients’ lives.

Jennifer Bonito

Neurology, Epilepsy

the stimulating conversations.

Kimberly Pasko

Internal Communications

all of the people that I interact with throughout my day! They’re professional and work to make Yale a better place.

Stacy Downer

School of Medicine

the access and the opportunity to be an improved employee, mother, and all other components that contribute to my self-improvement.

Melody Bennett

Neuromedical Oncology

all of the talented people I work with.

Stephanie Gosteli

HR, Workday@yale

my colleagues!

Danielle Scavone

Environmental Health and Safety

my colleagues.

Aubrey Renault

MacMillan Center

our innovative faculty!

Joseph Lynch

Law School

my job.

Susan Hanchard

Therapeutic Radiology

the convergence of diversity!

Rosemary Rubsam


the location. I can commute on the Shoreline East, then start and end my day with walks to and from Union Station.

Ken Fasciano

Yale Animal Resource Center

the people I work with!

Bonnie Dekoeyer

School of Medicine, PA Program

“the Architecture” and opportunities to tour the spaces.

Courtney Hood


our patients.

Tayler DeLoatch-Hogan

Yale School of Nursing, Deans Office


Lisa Maloney

Yale Administration

the many wonderful people I get to work with everyday!

Adeline Glidden

Controllers Office

the people.

Lillian House

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

the benefits.

Tasha Brooks-Boone

Yale Child Study Center

my department’s flexibility when it comes to the employees.

Tanya Colon

Child Study Center

the people I work with.