Is your team’s tail a-dragging? Head over to the Virtual Pet Show where tails will be wagging!

Let’s be honest. We all could use something to smile about right now. Mark your calendar and be sure to drop in at the Virtual Pet Show for your next team event. Everyone’s four-legged “co-workers” are invited to take center stage, so plan on a big dose of fun and we’ll do the rest! Don’t miss the fun—sign up today, and make sure you are in VPN before clicking on the link.

Join us on Friday, October 30 12:15 – 1:00 p.m. live on Zoom. During this event, Yale staff members will have the opportunity to show off their furry and feathered friends in a costume, doing their best trick, or demonstrating how they like to have fun during quarantine. All species are welcome. Kids and staff members without pets are welcome, too.

For the humans attending, we’re excited to have Ellen Stumph from the Canine Cognition Center tell us about pooch psychology at Yale and pet wellness tips. And, who knows? We may even have a guest appearance from a famous Yale canine. When you sign up today, you’ll be eligible for a random-prize drawing of cool pet swag and supplies. Three lucky winners will be announced during the online event. (Zoom link supplied with registration.)