We are committed to supporting all our colleagues, as those who have been working remotely begin to return to on-campus work. -President Salovey

What to Expect on Campus

Clean Buildings
We’re cleaning and disinfecting per CDC guidance, as outlined on our Returning to Yale Facilities page.
Required Vaccination
All Yale Faculty and Staff are required to submit/confirm vaccination status or request an exemption. Visit the Yale Health website for more information.
Safe Riding
Shuttle capacity returns to 100%, but masks must be worn at all times. Review updated Safe Riding Protocols on Campus Shuttles.
Parking Choices
Information about vehicle parking fees is available on our Parking page.
To-Go Meals
Takeout meals are the safest option and are available at many local restaurants.

Policies and Additional Resources

The key to realizing our plans for the fall semester is our continued commitment to current health and safety precautions. Review Yale’s policies, procedures, and other resources to stay informed.

Returning to Yale: Snapshots

Enter the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail on bikes or on foot at 24 Hillhouse Avenue and discover that the paved path connects Yale’s central campus to Science Park. Continue past Science Park, and trail travel 84 miles to Northampton, Mass. Staff often choose biking the trail to and from work, running or walking it during lunchtime, or strolling along it to meetings.

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