Safety and Wellness Resources

Mask GuidanceMask Requirements and Guidance
Visit the EHS website, particularly for guidance on masks.  
Required VaccinationVaccinations and Boosters
Get vaccinated and boosted, and confirm your status
Review the Visitors Policy before inviting visitors to campus.
IT ResourcesIT Resources 
Utilize hybrid technology resources or contact the Helpdesk.
Follow Safe Riding Protocols on Campus Shuttles.
View information about vehicle parking.
Campus MealsWellness and WorkLife 
Access WorkLife, Personal Wellness, and Being Well resources.

Employee Protocols Quick Guide

Current protocols up to date with vaccinations* unvaccinated

Reporting COVID-19 Infection from a Test Outside of the Yale Screening Program

Routine Asymptomatic Testing Requirement Limited, specific programs Limited, specific programs
Mask Requirements and Guidance 

optional, except in certain settings

Physical Distancing Recommendations   
Staying Home if You Feel Sick Guidance
Close Contact Quarantine  
Domestic Travel Recommendations
International Travel Recommendations 
Events and Gatherings Limitations optional, with some criteria

*Visit Yale Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine Program page to understand what it means to be up to date with vaccinations.