Obtaining Returning to Yale Kits

Yale has established a plan to ensure that all students, faculty, researchers, and staff are equipped with the necessary masks/face coverings, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant wipes as they return on campus.

Returning to Yale Kit Contents

Yale will provide a Returning to Yale kit containing three reusable cloth masks, one 8-ounce bottle of Purell, and disinfectant wipes for your personal use. For details, see What to Expect When You are Approved to Return to Campus page. Researchers will receive everything in the standard Kit, including an additional 50 disposable masks. There are enough Returning to Yale Kits for everyone to receive one so it is important to adhere to the “one kit per person” rule.

Obtaining Returning to Yale Kits

If departments would like to procure additional items for personal workspaces, orders can be placed via the Yale Printing and Publishing Services websiteThis site allows for the ordering of Returning to Yale Kits as well as replenishment of items in the Returning to Yale kits (Lead Administrators should only order kits for those who have not previously received them).


How to Obtain

All Communities (Kits and Replenishment orders

Your Lead Administrator or their designee will order kits for anyone newly returning to campus. Lead Administrators or their designee will also place PPE replenishment orders via the Yale Printing and Publishing Services website.

Faculty and Instructors

Alternative face coverings exist for in-person instruction and will be available in early September. Contact ehs@yale.edu to discuss options and test samples.


Newly Approved to Return to Campus: Order your own supplies via the Yale Printing and Publishing Services website.

Returning to Yale Kit Pickup Location

Your Lead Administrator or their designee will order the necessary kits and supplies as previously described. However, there may be times when a newly returning individual will be instructed to pick up their own kit. Individual Returning to Yale kits may be picked up Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at Yale Printing and Publishing Services, 344 Winchester Ave., New Haven, loading docks 1 and 2 (access via Argyle Street). These kits are only for people who have not previously returned to campus and have not already obtained a kit.

  • Wear a face covering and practice social distancing
  • Bring and scan their Yale ID to obtain a kit (ID Scan will track receipt of kits per person)
  • Pick up their own kit only
  • Honor the one kit per person restriction

You can also contact ppe.support@yale.edu if there is a special need or a delay in receiving your supplies or if you have other questions/concerns regarding the supply kits.

Clear Face Masks

Clear face masks are available to people who interact with individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing. These masks can be ordered via the Yale Printing and Publishing Services website. Email ehs@yale.edu for more information.

Lead Administrators and Disinfectant Wipes

The Office of Facilities has developed a reopening plan for university buildings, which includes a summary of customer/occupant responsibilities. Questions about this plan should be directed to the Facilities Services Superintendent. 

Lead Administrators will also be responsible for supporting the provision of disinfectant wipes in areas not covered by Facilities such as copy rooms, conference rooms, kitchenettes, etc. These can be ordered via the Yale Printing and Publishing Services website

To ensure availability, the University has made select cleaning supplies available via the Yale Printing and Publishing Services website.

PPE for Researchers and Clinicians

Researchers and clinicians can order PPE via a Workday requisition.

  • Cost Center Requisitioners will use the Workday Create Requisition task to generate their orders. The standard Workday approval process will apply.
  • A hosted catalog with the supplier name “COVID-19 STOCKROOM AT YALE UNIVERSITY” contains these products. To search the catalog, use the quick link on the SciQuest home page or use product search with this supplier name.
  • Researchers and clinicians requiring additional PPE specific to their research program, such as disposable gloves, disposable isolation gowns, etc., may now procure select PPE supplies through a newly established SciQuest hosted catalog named “COVID-19 Stockroom at Yale University.” This catalog focuses specifically on critical specialty PPE items including face shields, ASTM surgical masks Level 1 and Level 2, disposable gloves, and disposable isolation gowns. You will need a valid charging (COA) account to purchase these supplies through the COVID-19 Stockroom at Yale University. Read more.