Your role as a manager in supporting the vaccination program

August 10, 2021

Summary: This message outlines the manager’s role in supporting the vaccination program.

Dear Manager,

Thank you for your efforts and assistance towards creating a health and safe environment at Yale.

As you know, the deadline for all faculty, staff, and postdoctoral/postgraduate trainees to be fully vaccinated or receive an exemption was August 1, 2021. As was recently announced, the vaccine program is making terrific progress with 86% of faculty and staff and nearly 92% of students who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have reported their vaccination status. Given the progress thus far, it is now a reasonably small number of staff who have not yet complied with the program.

We are writing today because you have an important role to maintain the momentum of this program.

The first is to confirm that your direct staff have registered their vaccination status or applied for an exemption. The second is for you to ensure your staff follow the University’s testing protocols if they have an approved exemption, have not registered their vaccination status, or have not applied for an exemption. Additionally, you should follow the disciplinary process if your staff fail to comply with the protocols.

The following points will help clarify roles and responsibilities.

Managing Vaccination/Exemption Status

Your Health and Safety Leader (HSL) will:

  • Identify staff who have not registered their vaccination status or applied for an exemption. 
  • Inform managers if their staff are not in compliance.

As a manager, you will need to take action if an HSL has notified you of direct staff who have not registered their vaccination status or applied for an exemption.

  • If you receive such a notification, you should meet with the staff member to understand why they are not complying. These meetings should be considered high priority, private, and confidential.
  • Your Human Resources Generalist (HRG) will also be informed of noncompliant staff and are available to support you throughout the process; provide materials, timelines, templates, and guidance related to the disciplinary process; and if appropriate attend the meetings with noncompliant staff members.

Managing Staff with Approved Exemptions

As a manager, on an ongoing basis you will:

  • Monitor release time for ongoing twice weekly testing for employees who come to campus and are not fully vaccinated and collaborate with HRGs and HSLs to support compliance with testing requirements. An approximate time needed for testing, including travel to and from, would be one (1) hour; may vary depending on distance to nearest test site. We recommend that managers identify testing windows for your staff members that will not disrupt operations and ask them to schedule within that window.
  • Meet with your HRG to discuss specific employee challenges you may be experiencing with individuals not following the University’s testing protocol. 

Additional Information for Managers

  • It is an individual’s responsibility to comply with the university’s public health and safety guidelines. If you observe significant and consistent failure to comply with those guidelines you should escalate the violation(s) to your HRG to determine how to address the situation.
  • Managers should not request that their vaccinated and unvaccinated employees sit separately at meetings, in breakrooms/lunchrooms, or other locations. Again, it is an individual’s responsibility to comply with the university’s public health and safety guidelines.
  • While managers will be informed if employees are unvaccinated to provide release time for twice weekly asymptomatic testing, managers should not ask, nor will they be informed, why their employees were granted an exemption or share their vaccination status with others. 



Resources Details
Reports are currently being sent to HSLs and may need to be forwarded until they are ready to be sent to you directly.



Resources Details
Talking points for conversations with staff
  • All faculty, staff, and postdoctoral and postgraduate trainees are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by August 1.
  • I recommend that you visit Yale’s Workplace Guidance page ( for information about Yale’s COVID-19 Screening Program, which includes information about testing locations and hours, as well as Yale’s Employee Vaccine Portal, FAQs, and more.
Support network contact information
Testing locations and hours

Visit Yale’s COVID-19 Screening Program page for information on testing locations, and more.

Yale Employee Vaccine Portal

Visit Yale Health’s Submit or Confirm Your COVID-19 Vaccination page for information on how to check vaccination status, request an exemption, and more.

FAQ’s and additional guidance

Visit the Workplace Guidance page and review Workplace FAQs for information that will help you support your employees. Other websites that may be helpful include the EHS website and the Facilities website.

We want to thank you for your continued efforts and commitment to keep the University operating during the pandemic.


Jack Callahan, Senior Vice President for Operations
John Whelan, Vice President for Human Resources