C&T Scene: What is Performance Feedback?

Performance feedback is a partnership between managers and staff members that produces clear, thoughtful, and honest discussions around goals and outcomes. This process aligns the goals of the university, the department, the manager, and staff members through coaching and feedback.

Giving feedback is a crucial part of any open, honest working relationship. It takes effort and practice to deliver and receive productive and constructive feedback that maintains that relationship. All employees need to understand how they are doing so that they can continue to leverage their strengths, correct processes or behaviors, and improve performance. When employees are coached regarding their strengths and areas for development, they can make better decisions to grow their career and set SMART goals.

What is a SMART goal?
SMART is a well-established tool to obtain clear, attainable, meaningful goals and develop the motivation, action plan, and support needed to achieve them. The SMART acronym supports the conversation between you and your manager to determine and agree on key priorities and timelines.

  • Specific (What is the goal? Is it clear and understandable?)
  • Measurable (How will you know that the goal is accomplished?)
  • Achievable (Is the goal ambitious and still achievable?)
  • Relevant (How does the goal support the priorities?)
  • Time-Bound (What materials, support, training, etc., will be needed to accomplish this goal?)

There are two types of goals you will set: work goals and personal development goals. See a sample of a C&T Performance Feedback form with work and personal development goals listed.

Who sets these goals?
Based on continuous conversations throughout the year, managers and employees set and agree on work goals together.
Employees can set their personal development goals by assessing their skills and developing a learning plan to share with their managers.

How does this process benefit me?
Ongoing feedback and coaching with your manager will assist you with career development and mobility by:

  • Allowing you and your manager to leverage your strengths
  • Identifying potential projects that may be of interest to you that you are not currently doing
  • Providing an opportunity to course correct in a timely way if needed

If you want to find out more, watch the video C&T Performance Feedback. Be sure to review the various tools and resources provided on the Yale Performance Management site.