Office of Research Compliance

Supporting Proactive Compliance

Yale University expects that research is conducted in ways that reflect an honest attempt to find truth without bias, such that the results of research can be trusted.  In order to meet these expectations, Yale researchers are expected to abide by a set of ethical principles.  The information on this webpage is designed to assist scholars in meeting these expectations.

The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) provides support to the Office of Research Administration (ORA) and its mission. As such, ORC’s role is to review and participate in the implementation of emerging regulatory requirements, and proactively monitoring regulatory compliance through assessments and responding to concerns expressed to the ORC.

Yale University Hotline - 1-877-360-9253

The Office of Research Compliance team includes:

Jim Luther
Interim University Research Compliance Officer

Jessica (Jess) Randall
Research Compliance Officer
Office of Research Compliance
Phone: 203-785-2744

Director, Research Compliance Data Analytics

Effort Team

Maranda Fitzgerald
Effort Reporting Manager
Phone: 203-785-4932

Christine Hanks
Financial Analyst, Effort Reporting
Phone: 203-737-7189