Office of Research Administration

Responsible for the University’s systems and processes regarding research administration and improved compliance and regulatory activities. Provides oversight and guidance for Yale’s research offices. Coordinate the activities of the various University offices providing support to faculty, staff and students on sponsored projects, to assure that service provided by those offices is of the highest caliber and professionalism, and to serve as an effective representative for the research enterprise at Yale University and nationally.

Office of Research Compliance

The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) provides support to the Office of Research Administration (ORA) and its mission. As such, ORC’s role is to review and participate in the implementation of emerging regulatory requirements, and proactively monitoring regulatory compliance through assessments and responding to concerns expressed to the ORC.

Office of Sponsored Projects

The Office of Sponsored Projects serves as a central resource to support faculty and staff in obtaining and managing sponsored awards. From proposal submission, grant and contract review and negotiation, and oversight of received funds, our office is available to support the Yale research community. Our mission is to provide exemplary support while ensuring compliance with sponsor terms and conditions and University policy.

Award Management

The Office of Sponsored Projects’ Award Management team has responsibilities for ensuring University and sponsor policies, procedures, and processes are followed.

Contracts at Yale

The OSP Contracts’ team is responsible for reviewing, negotiating and finalizing contracts with corporate partners, the Federal Government and complex agreements with Foundations.

Animal Research Support

Committed to conducting quality animal research in an ethical and responsible manner.

Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Instructions

Applicable Federal and State Regulations.

Submit for IACUC review

For questions regarding your protocol, contact your protocol liaison.

Human Research Protection Program

Under the oversight of the Deputy Provost for Research, the Yale Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) within the Office of Research Administration is responsible for the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects in research projects conducted at Yale, by Yale faculty, staff and students, and by investigators from several affiliate institutions.

Policies, Procedures, Guidance and Checklists

Documents to assist in fulfilling obligations to ensure that research is in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and Yale’s commitment to the protection of its research participants.

Yale IRB

Each IRB panel has a submission focus, but are constituted to be able to review all types of submissions.

Yale School of Medicine PreAward Team (YPAT)

YSM Pre Award is a team of dedicated and cross-trained Pre-Award Administrators who provide pre-award support to YSM departments. These services include support for proposal development, pre-proposals or Letters of Intent (LOIs), Just-In-Time (JIT) requests and assistance navigating sponsor policies and interpreting guidelines. Our staff work directly with faculty to prepare submissions that are sent to Office of Sponsored Projects for submission to external sponsors.

Faculty Research Management Services

Faculty Research Management Services (FRMS) provides non-medical school departments and their principal investigators with the resources and expert knowledge needed to compete for, manage, and renew sponsored awards.

Pre-Award Support

We help determine eligibility for grants and awards, and develop the proposals needed to compete for them.

Post-Award Support

Keeps principal investigators and staff up-to-date and ensure compliance with guidelines and regulations

Conflict of Interest Office

The Provost’s Committee on Conflict of Interest (“Committee”) is charged with identifying and addressing any potential, actual, and apparent conflicts of interest resulting from related external interests. The Conflict of Interest Office supports the Committee while working collaboratively with the Yale community to manage, reduce, or eliminate any identified potential, actual, or apparent conflicts of interest.

COI Policies & Procedures

In pursuit of its own mission, and consistent with the requirements of external agencies, particularly the federal government, Yale University has formulated the Policy on Conflict of Interest to identify and address conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment.

Please visit our site for FAQs and other information and resources related to external interest disclosure requirements and processes.

Federal and other COI Requirements and Guidelines

Access Yale’s External Interests Disclosure Form (Yale NetID and password are required). To access the Disclosure Form from outside of Yale’s network (e.g., from your home or other remote location), Yale VPN (Virtual Private Network) is required. If you do not already have a VPN client installed, for further information.

Environmental Health and Safety

Ensures that the campus and work environment are as safe as possible, to protect staff from harm and to prevent accidents and injuries.

Export Controls

In order to ensure compliance with Export Controls, Yale faculty and staff need to identify when their activities may trigger such regulations. When Export Controls do apply, individuals must take the appropriate steps to obtain any required governmental licenses, monitor and control access to restricted information, and safeguard all controlled materials. The office of Export Controls helps you understand and comply with export control regulations.

Guidelines on Export Controls

The University may be required to obtain prior approval before allowing foreign nationals to participate in research, collaborate with a foreign company, or share research results with foreign nationals.

Government Regulations

Various regulations govern export controls.