Animal Research Support

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Business Continuity for the IACUC and the Office of Animal Research Support

In addition to the Yale Animal Resources Center and Environmental Health & Safety, the IACUC and OARS will maintain critical functions:

  • All submissions will continue to be accepted, but you may see a delay in reviews and approvals if staff are out sick or unable to come to work.
  • All in-person visits from Research Liaisons will cease, but they will continue to assist in writing protocols and addressing reviewer comments remotely.
  • Follow-up of incident reports will continue, but information gathering will be by email.
  • Hazard start-up meetings and comparative reviews will continue as required, but will be conducted via Zoom.
  • Laboratory audits will be postponed until normal operations commence.
  • Rodent Basic Principles and other scheduled hands-on training will be postponed. Ad hoc training may be available if absolutely essential, but will be very limited.
  • The IACUC will continue reviewing protocols and modifications and inspecting animal housing facilities.
  • and will be monitored daily, so please use email to contact the office, as attending to phone calls will likely be interrupted.

Animal Care Continuity for Laboratories

If possible, animal research experiments should be ramped down, curtailed, or postponed. If experiments must continue, then please consider the following guidance:

  • Limit or discontinue removing animals from YARC-managed facilities. YARC will continue daily animal care in YARC facilities. If you have IACUC-approval to keep animals in the laboratory, research staff will be responsible for caring for them.
  • If laboratory staff are providing cross-coverage for each other, ensure staff have the appropriate training and access to critical areas. If access to additional housing areas is necessary, please contact If access to additional laboratory spaces is necessary, please contact your business manager.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly ( Please continue to refer the University announcements about COVID-19 website for official information and guidance.

Regulatory Information

Beinecke Library

Yale’s Assurance Number: D16-00146
Approval Period: May 1, 2019-May 31, 2023

Yale animal researchers may review the Assurance by contacting the Office of Animal Research Support (OARS) at 203-785-5992. 

Yale’s USDA License and Registration Number:16-R-0001
Registered until March 20, 2023

AAALAC Accreditation: February 14, 2022