Get to know Cynthia Nethercut

January 28, 2022


Q.  What is your favorite thing you are working on right now? 
A.  With others, I am working on the implementation of a process to efficiently handle sales to external customers throughout the University.  I hope the kinks are worked out before I retire!

Q.  What do you like best about working at Yale? 
A.  Over my 19-year career at Yale, I would have named different aspects of Yale that I liked best. As I near retirement, I’d say the thing I currently appreciate most is the phased retirement plan. I like the opportunity to transition my work to others and to ease into retirement.

Q.  What is one word that describes you best? 
A.  I think that the first thing most people would say is “organized.” I do like identifying a problem and trying to bring order to murky or unclear situations. 

Q.  What is one fun fact about you?
A.  Before coming to Yale, I worked for 25 years in mass transit (New York City Transportation Authority, New Jersey Transit, and the Chicago Regional Transportation Authority). I’m still a die-hard mass transit fan and rider. We chose our house so I could commute to Yale on the Shoreline East train.