Finance Senior Leadership Team agenda updates - March 2022

March 31, 2022

Want the inside scoop? Here’s a quick rundown of the various topics, projects, initiatives, and updates that are currently on the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) agenda:

  • Finance Support Center and P-Card Team Q2 Metrics & Monitoring
  • FY22 Performance Management Timeline for Finance (Deliverables, Meetings, & Deadlines)
  • Hybrid Excellence Update – Measuring Success Team Presentation on Metrics & Accomplishments Collection 
  • Financial Training – Initial Impressions, Update & Priorities (Financial Steering Presentation)
  • RFID Project Update  (Financial Steering Presentation)
  • Updating and consolidation Finance’s Business Continuity Plan
  • Workday Upgrade Overview 
  • Recruitment, Staffing & Team Updates; HR Forum (every Thursday)