Yale renews its design standards and adds guidelines for spring

April 27, 2022

The University’s standards now include counsel for building design aligned with achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050. In addition, new tree preservation guidelines were created along with updated standards for interior and exterior lighting, lighting controls, and wet area accessories. Find the latest highlights for spring below.

Yale’s sustainability standards for projects now need to be zero carbon ready through a scope of work that addresses engineering systems, building enclosures, and renewables. 

Yale’s electrical standards include a new lighting control standard that guides electrical and lighting designers to choose the best lighting control scheme for interior and exterior projects, while providing controls that are handsfree, user-friendly, maintainable, and will have longevity. 

Yale’s specialties standards include updated custodial accessories for wet areas—restrooms, bathrooms, and laundry.

Yale’s tree preservation guidelines establish actions for trees in a project area and provide recommendations for tree maintenance, including inspections as well as comprehensive pruning, cabling, and removal. Specific data for each tree associated with projects on campus is available through the ArcGIS application online. 

Additionally, Yale’s tree management plan yields many environmental benefits, including improvements to air quality, stormwater retention, and carbon sequestration. 

All of the University’s new and updated standard divisions and contractor guidelines can be found online. 

Many thanks to all the colleagues who contributed their time and thoughts for this release. Cross-departmental collaboration continues to improve Facilities’ projects and operations. 

Please keep your suggestions coming for the next cycle. Feedback will inform the development of new requirements for plumbing at Yale, including pumps, generators, specialties, and water pressure booster systems. Look out for these advanced standards in the next quarter, or if you would like a preview, inquire with Facilities’ engineers.