The General Ledger - August 2022 Special Edition - A note from Steve Murphy

August 31, 2022

Welcome to the August special edition of The General Ledger – brought to you by the Hybrid Excellence Measuring Success team and ALL OF YOU!

As a leadership team, in conjunction with the Hybrid Excellence Measuring Success Team (Preitha Dutta, Alex Thomas, Ashley Page, and Laura Coakley), we have spent time talking about ways to highlight and celebrate the successes of the Finance staff in FY22. The Finance organization also recently completed the compass cascade, the process we use to cascade high-level goals for the upcoming year, talk about what we accomplished during the year that just ended, and what questions we have as we look forward to the current fiscal year and beyond. When we received the feedback from the cascade, we realized we had just about all the information we needed to create this special edition newsletter – from all of you! Therefore, we dedicate this newsletter to all of you – using the feedback, accomplishments, and questions that we received from the compass cascade conversations to create it.

In the early fall of FY22, we embarked upon working in a hybrid environment.  Before then, we had only operated in two modes – fully on-campus and fully remote. We returned to campus after the world and the ways of working had dramatically changed. Despite questions, ambiguity, and, candidly, some concerns, we had a terrific year and accomplished so much.  Every member of Finance should be proud of all that we accomplished in FY22 – both What and How – and for your resilience and ability to be flexible, produce an amazing amount of results, and learn and grow from what will (hopefully) be a once in a lifetime global pandemic.

And you don’t just have to take my word for it – you can take your own! In this newsletter, you will find over thirteen pages of accomplishments that were submitted by you and every team in Finance, as well as answers to the questions that were asked during those conversations. There were quite a few questions about OneFinance, which we have answered here. I will spend more time discussing the OneFinance program and what it means for the Finance organization at an upcoming All Hands.

Thank you again for all your terrific work and for your outstanding accomplishments!