Staff accommodations program changes - effective April 1, 2023

February 15, 2023

Starting April 1, 2023, management of the accommodations program for staff will transfer from the Office of Institutional Equity and Accessibility (OIEA) to Human Resources. OIEA will continue to handle requests for faculty, other academic appointments, visitors, and job applicants.

No changes will be made to the intake point for staff. Requests must still be submitted through the Accommodations Intake Form on After completing the intake form, the request will route to our life, disability, and absence administrator, The Standard. The Standard will manage staff accommodations intake requests, collection of medical paperwork, time tracking, and certain accommodations such as equipment and leave requests. All other requests specific to Yale policies and procedures will be handled internally by the accommodations team within Human Resources. The decision-making process remains the same – internal to Yale in partnership with the department, Yale’s accommodations team, the provider, and the staff member.

As part of this new program, the staff accommodations program will no longer order, receive, or deliver equipment. Once an equipment accommodation has been granted, departments will be responsible for purchasing and receiving the necessary equipment in partnership with The Standard’s Workplace Possibilities program, which may cover the associated cost.

For more details, visit Absence Management and Accommodations Services | It’s Your Yale