Culture Survey progress - March 2023

March 31, 2023

Here’s what the SLT has been busy working on since Finance staff took the Culture Survey:

  • Finance Overall Results Review at Steve’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
  • SLT members have met with our culture expert (consultants from MGStrategy) to get their perspective on the results and potential actions to consider taking.
  • SLT members have shared their unit specific survey results with their teams and engaged in additional feedback and conversation.
  • Individual SLT members have created Culture Shaping Action Plans (CSAP’s) for their respective units.
  • The Extended Leadership Team (ELT) has engaged in discussing some of the items and proposing action plans, this occurred at an off-site event in early March.
  • Steve’s SLT has reviewed and will be answering the questions asked by Finance staff in the survey.  This information will be included in various formats, including here in the Newsletter, as well as Town Halls, etc.  Here are answers to a couple of those questions (some are paraphrased as they were asked multiple times by different staff members) and answers:

Q. Does everyone at Yale understand the full Source to Pay Process?

A. Yale Finance is responsible for creating and maintaining appropriate financial policies and processes for the University and provides complimentary training in support of universities financial activities.  Some specific examples of Procurement training that have recently been available include multiple live session trainings offered during the launch on the Intake Portal, the changes to Purchasing Policy 3201, and the release of the new Contracting Policy 3210. Furthermore, a new Procurement toolkit is available on Its Your Yale that includes step by step instructions and key information on each Procurement process.  Coming next month Procurement will be hosting a brown bag lunch for all of Finance on navigating the Intake Portal for those that either need a refresher or could not attend the original live training upon launch and will be releasing soon eLearning training modules on preparing expense reports as well as contracting in support of Policy 3210.

Q. Is Yale Finance considering bringing staff back to the office five days a week?

A. Based on the information we know today, and working within the guidelines of current university policies, we do not foresee making any changes in Finance that will require all staff to be in the office five days a week, unless operationally necessary.