ELT planning sessions on culture shaping

April 28, 2023

As you may recall from one of our Town Halls a couple of months ago, the ELT (Extended Leadership Team) comprises leaders within Finance who report to a member of Steve Murphy’s SLT and are either a P/M6 or Grade 27+. The group will work closely with the SLT on several initiatives related to Finance’s culture work and building a positive work environment. The team initially met in March to begin the work and reconvened on April 19th to move work forward around the following statements about Finance’s desired culture. Each statement begins with “From what I have observed, my colleagues in Finance….”

  1. Learn from and accept constructive feedback.
  2. Take accountability for results (both “what” and “how”).
  3. Engage respectfully in difficult conversations.
  4. Keep Things Simple and Avoid Unnecessary Processes.

Each statement below ties directly back to a component of the culture survey identified as an area of opportunity to continue our work to build a positive work environment. Each has a team that will identify concrete idea(s) and actions to support Finance’s continued growth to develop our workplace culture. The next meeting will take place in early June to review the proposed plans and agree on the next steps around the implementation of the projects. The teams are:

Team 1: Learn from and accept constructive feedback:

Ericka Kundrath Joseph Kerley
Gina Costa Kevin Quigley
Jen Franssen Krystina Gross

Team 2: Take accountability for results both “what” and “how”):

Andy Sgambato Liz Bilodeau
Chris Bartolotta Paula Tadeu-Pokluda
Jonathan Palmer Rodney Brunson

Team 3: Engage respectfully in difficult conversations:

Angela Eisele Karina Julius
Branden Kelly Mike Pearson
Jenna Milman Nicole Riccitelli
Karen Harris  

Team 4: Keep things simple and avoid unnecessary processes:

Chris Watkins Liz Burnell
Lisa Varni Mike Della Bianca
Liz Bello Stephanie Avallone