An update on financial training and the transition to Workday Learning

October 31, 2023

A lot is happening with training in Finance and at Yale! 

Did you know Yale is preparing to launch a new learning management system (LMS) for all staff? In early 2024, after two years of work and planning, the university will transition from TMS to Workday Learning. This means that training courses currently housed in TMS will be transitioned into Workday Learning, a more dynamic and integrated platform. Moving to a new learning management system is a positive step for Yale and will make access to training content easier for staff and managers of staff.    

In support of this effort, the Finance Training & Development team has been hard at work reviewing all the courses listed as finance-related in the TMS library and converting any recently created courses to ensure compatibility with the new system. The TMS library has not been updated in many years, so there were hundreds of courses to analyze, with only about 10% of the courses being relevant, current, and able to be converted into the new system. Most of this conversion work was completed over the summer. The team is now testing each course and the functional roles in the new system to ensure a seamless transition of finance training content. Similar work is happening in other functional areas across the university to ensure all relevant training content previously accessible in TMS is available when the new system opens.  

You might be wondering what finance courses will be included when the system launches. Here is a current list of finance courses that will be live in Workday Learning when the system launches: 

  • Payment Card Industry Compliance (PCI) 
  • Introduction to Chart of Accounts
  • Fraud Awareness & Prevention
  • Finance Overview
  • Internal Controls Approval Authority
  • Internal Controls Foundations
  • Purchasing Card (P-Card) Requirements and Cardholder Responsibilities 
  • Gift Administration Training for Yale’s Business Community 
  • Creating Expense Reports (CERT) 
  • Finance Training Development 101 (working title, formal course title TBD) 
  • Purchase Contracts Part 1  
  • Purchase Contracts Part 2 
  • Account Holder Report Overview 
  • Finance Power BI Desktop Essentials 
  • Finance Power BI Interactive Reports 
  • Refresher Course Finance Power BI Desktop Essentials 
  • Refresher Course Finance Power BI Interactive Reports 
  • Policies 101 (working title, formal course title TBD) 

Transitioning courses from TMS to Workday Learning is the first of several steps in building a robust curriculum for finance professionals. As you are likely aware, we have training in different modules housed in other areas outside of TMS (websites, etc.), and over time, those will be transitioned as well. Until then, they will continue to be available outside of the LMS.  

From November to January, Organizational Effectiveness and Staff Development (OESD) will host information sessions for managers and staff. This team, along with the HR Innovation and Strategic Support team, has led to the implementation effort as one of the key deliverables of the Learning Strategic Initiative and will be able to provide more information to the Yale community soon. In addition, we will keep finance professionals up to date on new courses and curriculum updates related to financial topics – we have several on the horizon! 

We are excited about this new learning management system and hope you will be too!