Honoring Public Safety Veterans

November 10, 2023

In observance of Veterans Day, Yale Public Safety spotlights its employees who are veterans. Our veterans stand as guardians, defenders, and everyday heroes. Their experiences, sacrifices, and dedication are what we honor today. Take a moment to read their extraordinary stories.

Reginald Chavis
Reginald Chavis, Security Training Manager, started his military service as a Second-Class Petty Officer in the U. S. Navy. He enlisted in the armed services to follow in his family’s footsteps. His father and older brother enlisted in the U.S. Army, and his uncles enlisted in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force. Chavis said the most fulfilling part of serving ten years in the military was the relationships he formed and learning what duty means. “It is an honor to protect what you love and fight for what you believe in,” Chavis said. “You understand that enjoying the rights and privileges of a free society takes sacrifice and service.” Chavis said Veterans Day is a time of remembrance for “those who served, like me, and those who gave it all for this country.”

Gregg Curran
Yale Police Officer Gregg Curran’s military service journey began in the U. S. Marine Corps, where he achieved the rank of Sergeant. Curran said he always wanted to serve his country and was inspired by his father and sister, who both enlisted in the Army. Traveling to 13 countries and meeting people from all walks of life was the most fulfilling for him during his time in the service. “It made me really appreciate what I have in my life and not take any of it for granted,” Curran said. “Veterans Day is a time to celebrate all the men and women who have served their country.”

Michael Dominique
Michael Dominique has worn different uniforms throughout his life, each embodying his commitment to service. Yale Police Sergeant Dominique’s military journey began in the U.S. Marines, where he earned the rank of Sergeant. Many of the family members Dominique looked up to served in the military. “I was proud of them and wanted them to be proud of me, too,” Dominique said. Reflecting on his time in the military, he said the most fulfilling was when he left Iraq to reunite with his family. Dominique said Veterans Day is a day to reflect on veterans’ service to this country.

Ancil Farrier
Enlisting in the military was a lifelong goal for Ancil Farrier, a Yale Police Officer. Creating lasting friendships and leading and training soldiers in the Army National Guard were valuable to him. Farrier said Veterans Day means letting our soldiers know they’re never forgotten and always appreciated for their time and service.

Erik St. Germain
Erik St. Germain’s interest in defending our country began in elementary school when terrorists attacked the Twin Towers on 9/11 in New York. St. Germain, a Yale Police Officer, served as an E6 Technical Sergeant in the Air Force Reserves. Working with the Afghan Refugee mission was the most fulfilling for St. Germain. His team moved, processed, and welcomed more than 36,000 Afghan refugees fleeing Kabul, Afghanistan. He oversaw loading the aircraft and directing passengers where to sit. He said cultural differences and the inability to communicate were challenging for him. St. Germain describes Veterans Day as a time to celebrate those who have dedicated their lives to service and to remind people to check on other veterans. “Check on your veteran friends, family, and co-workers as often as you can because they fight battles (physical and mental) and could use a friendly reminder that our nation hasn’t forgotten about them,” St. Germain said.

Roosevelt Martinez
Lt. Roosevelt Martinez was intrigued with the military as early as middle school. He considered enlisting to see the world and serve his country. Serving in the U.S. Army, Martinez devoted four years as a Pershing Missile Crewmember, an impressive 17 years as a military police officer, and completed his military career as a Staff Sergeant. Martinez said making lifelong friends, including meeting his wife, a soldier stationed in Germany, is one of many memories he finds the most fulfilling during his time in the military. “Securing not only our country but being a part of several operations to liberate other countries was equally fulfilling during my time in the military,” Martinez said. “Veterans Day is the day we recognize the sacrifices and commitments made by former military members and celebrate their continued pride in that service and commitment,” said Martinez.

Ariel Melendez
Ariel Melendez grew up in a family with a history of service. His father and aunt both served in the U.S. Navy. Melendez, a Yale Police Officer, was Petty Officer Second Class in the U.S. Navy Reserve, serving as a Religious Program Specialist. Reflecting on his service in the military, Melendez said, “You get a sense of serving a purpose bigger than yourself, and you become a part of a huge family. There are people I served with who have a connection we’ll share forever.” Veterans Day for Melendez is a time for all, including veterans, to show appreciation for those who have served our country. “There are many in our history who didn’t necessarily have a choice in serving. Those who choose to serve should be celebrated. It’s not a calling that should be taken lightly,” Melendez said.

Christopher Reddington
Yale Police Officer Christopher Reddington knew at a young age that he wanted to join the U. S. Army. The 9/11 attack in New York occurred when he was in high school, and Reddington enlisted during his senior year. Throughout his service, Melendez found traveling the world and meeting interesting people the most fulfilling. Melendez spends Veterans Day with his family and friends. He said, “The day is special because it celebrates the service of people who volunteered to join the military.”

We honor all the veterans who work in Yale Public Safety.

Detective Eric Bailey
Detective Lester Blazejowski
Officer Michael Claxton
Lt. Christopher Halstead
Officer Charles Hebron
Officer Jason Lowery
Officer Charlie Otero
Sgt. Leopoldo Otero
Sgt. Joshua Pasay
Sgt. Marnie Robbins-Hoffman
Herold Joseph, Security Supervisor
Peter Leonardo, Security Program Coordinator
Nathan Kyder, Security Supervisor
Officer Sergei Orshansky
Robert Streeto, Security Officer
Charles Hernandez, Security Officer
Officer Matthew Franco, Jr.

*If you’re a veteran, please send your name, rank, and branch to comms.publicsafety@yale.edu.