Anthony Campbell

Chief of Yale Police & Associate Director of Public Safety
Portrait of Anthony Campbell, Chief of Police

Anthony Campbell ’95, born in Harlem, New York, attended the prominent Fordham Preparatory High School where he graduated as the valedictorian of his class.

Campbell earned his bachelor’s degree in religious studies with an emphasis on counseling and psychology from Yale University and a Masters of Divinity from the Yale Divinity School in 2009. Campbell is an adjunct professor with the Yale Divinity School.

He retired from the New Haven Police Department (NHPD) in 2019, where he served since 1998. His assignments at NHPD included patrol supervisor, detail room supervisor, academy director, officer in charge of Internal Affairs, chief of staff and, Chief of Police in 2016. During his tenure as NHPD Chief of Police, New Haven experienced record-setting levels of crime reduction, allowing for an enhanced focus on improving the quality of life for residents, students and visitors in New Haven.

Prior to joining the Yale Police Department (YPD), Campbell served as an inspector with the New Haven State’s Attorney’s Office, a prestigious and highly coveted position within the Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice.

Campbell joined the YPD as an assistant chief, overseeing Patrol Operations, Community Engagement, and Emergency Services. His role was expanded to include oversight of the Support Services Division.

Since joining the Yale Police Department, Campbell has worked to develop and implement a differentiated-response, or fit-for-purpose, plan. This approach identifies and leverages the most appropriate resources to address public safety needs while ensuring that officers engage the community using a variety of intentional response strategies. Additionally, adopting and deploying this innovative methodology has helped YPD to embrace a mindset of continuous improvement while strengthening the public safety ecosystem and infrastructure of Yale University.

Campbell is honored and profoundly grateful to be Chief of Police for the YPD. Taking up the mantle of leadership at the oldest campus police department in the nation at the university that showed him how to refine his skills into tools that make the world a better place is a particularly outstanding moment for him, both professionally and personally.

In addition to his law enforcement background, Campbell has demonstrated strength as a relationship builder, successfully identifying and developing collaborative efforts that have addressed both criminal behavior and its root causes. He is a committed servant leader, developing the personal and professional strengths of officers through quality training, emerging law enforcement technology, and opportunities for advancement. He has trained in counterterrorism and law enforcement management and Crisis Leadership in Higher Education at the Harvard Kennedy School. He has also worked closely with government and private entities including Project Longevity, Yale Child Study, and Collaborative Response to the Opioid Crisis.

Campbell is married to his college sweetheart, Stephanie, and they have three sons, Graham, Sanderson, and Paxon. He is a licensed minister who cherishes faith, family, friends, coworkers and community, treasuring each as a unique source of joy and strength.