Career Assessment Tools

Assessments are a great way to begin your career exploration, and you can get started right here with your choice of assessment tools available on the web. To gain a better understanding of who you are, it is recommended that you take several kinds of assessments and compare the results.

 Different assessments focus on different areas, such as:

The assessments we have reviewed and listed below are free. On the web, assessment tools run the gamut from personality tests to inventories of your skills and values. Each can provide useful insight about careers and alert you to possibilities you may not have considered at Yale.


Interests are helpful to understand in relation to career planning. Career interests are different than abilities or skills. However, people tend to be attracted to activities that they enjoy and are interested in, which then affords the opportunity to develop skills and abilities.

Personality Assessment

The term “personality” refers to a person’s patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. Some aspects of personality are useful in thinking about career development. Click on the link to view and take five different personality tests.


Skills are learned behaviors and abilities. There are many different types of skills that are relevant to career development, such as work content/technical skills, self-management/personal growth skills, and leadership skills.