Mentee Best Practices

  • Own the opportunity
  • Identify initial development and career goals
  • Decide on a mutually beneficial meeting schedule with mentor
  • Create a clear agenda for each meeting
  • Be willing to discuss short and long-term career goals as well as obstacles & successes
  • Seek and be open to feedback
  • Be willing to talk about how it’s going
  • Follow through on commitments or renegotiate appropriately
  • Maintain confidentiality of all topics discussed

The best mentoring relationships are characterized by:

  • Honest, two-way exchange
  • Respectful debate on differing views
  • Critical assessment of ideas
  • A leveling of the power gradient
  • Mutual positive regard and openness
  • Respect for limits and boundaries
  • Commitment to confidentiality

Build Your Mentoring Action Plan (MAP)

  • What are the skill(s) you want to develop?
  • What type of organizational knowledge do you need to develop?
  • How will you know when you have successfully enhanced a skill or competency?
  • What developmental activities would help you to develop the most? (Brainstorm a list of possibilities and options.)
  • Of all the ways you might develop, which are most feasible?
  • How will you apply your learning on-the-job?

For additional help in creating your MAP please view our Individual Development Planning (IDP) resources.

Mentoring Meeting Schedule: The duration and consistency of each mentoring relationship is very important because relationships and a sense of bonding occur over time between mentors and mentees. At a minimum, mentors and mentees should meet at least one hour per month for at least a year.  It is best for mentees to outline in their first meeting how long they would like the relationship to last, so that mentors can adjust their expectations accordingly.

If you would like to join a structured program and be matched with a mentor, first check with your HR Generalist to see if your department has a mentoring program in place.  Additionally, please visit the following affinity group websites to learn about membership and their mentoring programs: