Yale Police Benevolent Association

The Yale Police Benevolent Association is an independent, unaffiliated union, that protects members’ rights under the current bargaining agreement and the National Labor Relations Act. It was incorporated April 6, 1988, through the efforts of a handful of police officers.

Since 1988, the Yale Police Department has seen significant growth in size and responsibility. The Association currently represents approximately fifty-five officers and detectives of the Yale University Police Department, and continuously strives to enhance compensation and benefits to match police officer duties.

The Yale Police Benevolent Association regularly assists its members during personal emergencies, with collections and fundraising events. Members support our union brothers and sisters in an ongoing effort to keep labor strong. Yale Police Benevolent Association members also volunteer and contribute to area and community causes.

The Yale Police Benevolent Association’s executive board and staff work hard to meet the goals of its members. Through the efforts of the police union and Yale University, we strive to make the Yale Police Department a model for university police departments in the area.