Operations Working Group to replace BOLT and Operating Group

January 24, 2020

As of January 2020, the Operations Working Group (WG) has been formed and will replace the Business Operations Leadership Team (BOLT) and the Operating Group (OG). The WG will meet bi-weekly and serve the following purposes:
  • Advise the Operations Strategy and Operations Council groups, particularly to convey field priorities.
  • Advise the Policy Review Committee. 
  • Govern communications flows to and from the Business Operations community.
  • Govern projects related to policy, procedures, and programs not defined as “major projects”.
    • Triage Business Operations community interaction with these projects. In some cases, the WG will make a decision, in other cases it will provide input to decision-makers, depending on the topic.
    • Constitute subject-specific groups to follow up on unresolved items. Therefore, the WG should have sufficient subject-matter expertise to know when deeper consultation is required, and who in the community could provide rich input.
Tim Pavlis, Associate Vice President for Strategy and Academic Business Operations, will chair the WG for its inaugural year. The WG joins two other newly-constituted forums to govern operations activities and ensure close connections among the field and center. The Operations Council, comprised of members representing all units, meets approximately three times per semester and provides a forum to discuss and prioritize major projects. The Operations Strategy group consists of senior Operations leadership and serves as the decision-making body governing operations projects, meeting bi-weekly.