Use Trello? View changes to your account

February 6, 2020

Trello users who are registered with their email address recently received an email from Trello announcing “Good news! Your Trello account is getting an upgrade. Yale will now manage Trello accounts with a email address.“ 

This announcement is related to Trello’s acquisition by Atlassian, and the resultant changes to incorporate Trello into the larger Atlassian suite of tools, e.g. Jira, Confluence, etc. The announcement is not related to any recent actions initiated at Yale and does not address any changes to licensing for Trello. Users will continue to purchase, or utilize the free, tiers of service as in the past.   

The only change relevant to individuals using Trello through their Yale email address is that, after the cutover, when individuals attempt to login through Trello with their Yale email address, they will be forwarded to Yale’s Central Authentication Service, eliminating the prompt for the local Trello password. After logging in with their Yale NetID and NetID password, they can continue using the Trello service as normal. 

For more information visit Atlassian’s FAQ.