Changes - Fiscal 2020 year-end GA Sweep

April 15, 2020

For the FY20 year-end close, the General Appropriations (GA) Sweep will no longer include suspense balances in the process. This means that any GA balances sitting in suspense programs or projects will not be swept when the FY20 GA Sweep runs for the final June close in calendar September. The purpose of this change is to enable easier tracking and monitoring of remaining balances.

  • COA segments:
    • PG99999 Transaction Suspense - SYSTEM-GENERATED (52)
    • PJ028458 – Labor Suspense (Temp Charging – Payroll Only – to be Cleared)
    • PJ101291 – Non-Labor Suspense (Temp Charging – Non-Payroll Only – to be Cleared)
    • PJ105201 – Cost Transfers denied by OSP – Payroll Only
    • PJ105202 – Cost Transfers denied by OSP – Non-Payroll Only

During this transition, there may be manual journal entries required to update the balance for FY20 credits arising from the resolution of pre-conversion, FY18 or FY19 “swept” debit balances. The Controller’s Office will provide guidance and advice, likely on a case-by-case basis.

For details about how the process works, the accounting, and the related reporting, visit GA Sweep.

Note:  Departments are encouraged to clear their suspense balances on a timely basis; labor suspense must be cleared prior to effort certification on Grants. Labor suspense balances must be cleared via a Payroll Accounting Adjustment (PAA). Non-labor transactions may be changed via an operational process (if available) or a manual journal entry. For additional details, click on suspense transactions.