Cybersecurity Awareness Program: Planning progresses amid the pandemic

May 28, 2020

Planning and preparations continue for the launch of the Cybersecurity Awareness Program in Fall 2020. With the shift to working remotely, now more than ever, the Cybersecurity Awareness team seeks to provide valuable information that supports safe cybersecure actions whether working from home or campus.  

Most recently, Wendy Battles, Cybersecurity Awareness Advisor, and Jess Zaczek, Information Security Policy and Awareness Program Manager, have continued their work by:

  • Creating security guidelines for working remotely
  • Synthesizing data collected from meetings, focus groups, and surveys to understand current cybersecurity awareness needs
  • Attending training about the development and implementation of successful cybersecurity awareness programs
  • Beginning to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness strategy that considers who, what, and how:
    • WHO are the key audiences that need cybersecurity awareness support? (Hint: everyone needs a basic understanding)
    • WHAT are the most pressing cybersecurity concerns?
    • HOW can we best deliver pertinent information to engage and inform?
  • Building a training program to introduce ITS to the Minimum Security Standards for building and maintaining secure IT systems (coming summer 2020)

Given the uncertainty about when we will return to campus, the Cybersecurity Awareness Program will likely be introduced virtually, with in-person awareness events to be held when it’s safe to gather. Nonetheless, the team looks forward to shining the light on simple actions the Yale community can take to keep themselves cyber-safe wherever they may be working.