Timekeeping transition to MyTime Lite

July 29, 2020

Starting on July 29, 2020, most managerial and professional staff,  clerical and technical staff, temporary staff, active retirees, and faculty managers who are time card approvers will use MyTime Lite for time entry and approval. The MyTime link will redirect impacted users to MyTime Lite automatically. This supports Yale’s efforts to better secure our computing environment by reducing Java use. 

Access to MyTime is available to users who require the additional functionality it supports, including:

  • Local 35 supervisors managing timecards
  • Local 35 Business Office staff
  • Individuals who manage schedules for business offices
  • Payroll administrators
  • HRISS/system administrators
  • Centralized leave administrators

Need help?

Review the Timekeeping Resources and Tips page for frequently asked questions and guides describing the changes.

For questions, please contact the Employee Service Center via email at employee.services@yale.edu or 203-432-5552.