Wolson Early Career Development Program welcomes new cohort

July 23, 2020

Yale IT welcomes three new participants, Josh Pulfrey, Annabelle Halliday, and Noah Lohman, to the Wolson ECDP rotational program. Since 2013, the program has created a leadership pipeline for careers at Yale IT by offering a rotational experience to recent college graduates in different areas of IT.

Josh PulfreyJosh Pulfrey is a recent graduate from Southern Connecticut State University with a B.S. in computer science, a concentration in information systems, and a minor in German language. Josh also studied abroad in China and prior to his time at SCSU, served 4 years as a Nodal Network System Operator in the U.S. Army. His hobbies include hiking, cooking, traveling, and exploring new foods with his wife, Alina. “Specifically, I am on a journey to develop the perfect at-home pizza recipe. Luckily, New Haven provides ample inspiration.”

Josh will be working with the Salesforce Development & Platform Services team in his first rotation. “I really want to discover my specialty within computer science. I want to develop myself as a computer scientist. With that in mind, I think the ECDP is going to be a wonderful experience.”

Annabelle HallidayAnnabelle Halliday is a recent graduate from Western Governor’s University, with a bachelor’s degree in IT Management. Most recently, she has been working with the Student Technology Collaborative as a program coordinator. Annabelle has always called New Haven home and in her free time, she likes to make beauty products. “I know how to formulate lotions, candles, fragrance sprays, aromatherapy oils, face masks, and more. I love how a smell (good or bad) can change the mood of an entire room. I’m excited to join the team!”

Annabelle will be working with the User Experience & Design Services team in her first rotation. “I hope to run a team of IT support technicians in the future, but I know as I learn new skills my goals will change.”

Noah LohmanNoah Lohman comes to Yale IT after graduating from Eastern Connecticut State University with a degree in Health Sciences and a concentration in public health. He hopes to use the Wolson Rotational Program to further develop his technical skills while gaining as much experience as possible to develop a career within IT. Some of Noah’s hobbies include taking a hike with friends and playing pick-up basketball.

We are excited to have Noah join the Digital Accessibility team for his first rotation.

This year’s welcoming event was held via Zoom for the first time. Members of the ITS Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and other IT leaders attended. John Barden welcomed our new participants, followed by Annette Wolson, who spoke of the legacy of her late husband, Brian Wolson—namesake of the program, who inspired life-long learning. Despite not meeting in-person, “I felt like we are already a part of the community, without even stepping foot in the office!” exclaimed Noah Lohman.