Got MSS? MSS Roadshow launches September 15! Register today!

September 3, 2020

No matter your job, you play an important role in keeping Yale’s data and systems safe. But chances are, you may not know much about how to do this.

'got mss?' text logo

The Information Security Office introduced Minimum Security Standards (MSS) to help Yale build and maintain secure IT systems. This month, Information Security will debut its MSS Roadshow. You will learn the why, what, and how of the MSS in an interactive and engaging way that makes the connection to your job.

The MSS Roadshow offers a three-part virtual training series for ITS Staff:

  • MSS 101 introduces our MSS and builds your security knowledge.
  • MSS 201 teaches you how to classify Yale data and IT Systems.
  • MSS 301 helps you interpret our MSS and how they apply to your work.

ITS SLT wearing masks branded with the 'got MSS' logo

All ITS Staff are required to attend MSS 101—we invite you to register TODAY – the sooner you do, the more date options you’ll find. Note: Connection to Yale’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required for registration from off-campus.

Registration for MSS 201 and 301 will open later in the fall. Not all staff need to attend these courses, it depends on your role. At this time, MSS 101 is open only to ITS staff; at a later date, the course will be available for our IT partners and will be announced through this newsletter.

For more information, please visit the MSS Roadshow website.

25 individuals will be receiving a ‘got MSS?’ hat and mask. These individuals were randomly selected from among the first 100 staff members who registered for MSS 101.

Security is part of everyone’s job responsibility. We look forward to showing you how you can play an active role in keeping Yale secure.