Planned removal of Java from ITS-managed computers

December 9, 2020


  • Java JRE is planned for removal from ITS-managed computers that do not require Java for work or application functionality.
  • The silent removal process will begin in early 2021 to address security concerns. There is no impact or disruption anticipated.
  • Approximately 9,500+ computers are in-scope for this security update.
  • If you have an application or work-requirement for the use of Java, please see details below.


To address Java security vulnerabilities, Yale ITS is planning to remove Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from all ITS-managed computers that do not require Java for work functionality (~9,500+ computers). Some web-based applications and services, however, rely on Java technology to operate. The applications listed below require Java JRE, and application owners have identified individuals who will need to retain Java to access these applications. Additionally, the project team continues to identify other tools, software, or resources requiring Java. Individuals requiring the use of Yale-authorized tools to perform their job will not have Java removed.

Individuals using the following applications will retain Java on their computer:

  • Campus Call
  • Family Based Recovery (FBR)
  • Famis (Facilities)
  • Graduate Student Payroll System (GSPS)
  • HCM Custom Application
  • IDS Card System
  • Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Support (IICAPS)
  • Maximus ERS
  • My Time (Kronos) - support team only (My Time Lite does not require Java)
  • Training Management System (TMS)

The project team is currently working to identify ITS software development tools that use Java, such as Workday Studio, Talend, WebMethods, Android Studio, JMeter, and Selenium. If you use or are aware of any other Yale-authorized tools that require Java, please notify the project team through Ronald Colonna at

We request individuals responsible for unmanaged computers to remove Java, where possible, if there is no Java or Java-based application requirement. ITS is also working with IT partners to provide information and assistance on this effort.

Testing with a limited number of devices is planned for December and January. The full removal process is planned for early 2021, and additional details will be communicated as the project progresses.

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