Consolidation of Amazon Prime Accounts

January 6, 2021

Yale Procurement did some research and discovered that over the years a significant number of Yale Pcard holders have set up their own Amazon Prime accounts at a cost to each department.

This week an email was sent to all Pcard users, that have made Amazon charges in the past, announcing that Yale has taken the step to create one Yale Business Prime account and consolidate more than 3,400 individual accounts under one Yale account.

Per the notice, they will receive an email from Amazon requesting registration to convert to the new Yale Business Prime account.  Yale will have the following benefits by having one Amazon Prime account for Yale:

  • Avoid paying  Individual Prime Account Fees
  • Insight into all products purchased by Yale University at a cost center level
  • Improve sourcing strategy for the University
  • Tax Exemption status
  • Access to a specialized Amazon Business Customer Service team

Please note that as of this time Amazon has not been set up as an official Yale preferred supplier nor has a punchout been created in Workday/SciQuest. In addition, any purchases made off of under this new Yale Prime account must be in adherence with Yale policy.

Yale Procurement will study over the next couple of months what types of products users are purchasing through Amazon. This will help Yale develop a better sourcing strategy to implement an Amazon punchout on Workday/SciQuest that will showcase Yale negotiated pricing with our preferred suppliers that are sold through Amazon as well as curate what products are appropriate to purchase through this platform.

For all other questions related to Amazon Business Prime, please contact Joe Mastracchio, Senior Category Sourcing Manager, at or Amazon Business Customer Service.