Two Workday reports recently updated

April 14, 2021

The Workday Report entitled “Sponsored Report Tracking (Award Tasks) – Yale” has been enhanced to include the following fields:

  • Award Lifecycle Status - this field can be found on the award header in Workday
  • Aging in Days - this field is a calculation (Today less Due Date (to Sponsor))
  • Aging Category - this field buckets the aging in days into categories.

The categories include:

  • Not due yet
  • Due today
  • 1 - 30 days overdue
  • 31 - 60 days overdue
  • 61 - 120 days overdue
  • 121 - 180 days overdue
  • More than 180 days overdue

The addition of these fields will enable both distributed and central users to better track the due dates of all award tasks.

In addition, the Workday Report entitled “Fly America Monitoring – Yale” has been enhanced as follows:

  • Removed canceled expense reports
  • Added Award PI to the report prompts and output

Mapping revisions include:

  • Croatia and UK related travel cities/airports updated from “EU” to “All Other Foreign”
  • Iceland and Norway related travel cities/airports updated from “All Other Foreign” to “EU”
  • City Pair travel cities/airports updated to display as “Check City Pair”

The mapping revisions now reflect the current European Union Open Skies Agreement.

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